Karl Tennant

Karl Tennant  |  Nov 08, 2011  |  0 comments

Science fiction often shows people in the future controlling games - and plenty of other things - with the power of their minds. We're not there yet, but baby steps: the first arcade game that can be controlled with just eye movements is here now.

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Look out, Amazon: Barnes & Noble went right at Jeff Bezos and co. today in a product unveiling meant to take the spotlight away from its Kindle Fire tablet this holiday season. The new Nook Tablet, an improved version of the current Nook Color (whose price drops to $199), competes directly with Amazon's color tablet. Both are set to debut next week.

Karl Tennant  |  Oct 13, 2008  |  0 comments

It's a rough time if you like money. Every day brings worse news from the markets, and looking at your investment portfolio is more depressing than watching your favorite sports team get blown out in the playoffs. Companies are tightening their spending (no travel!), some to a ludicrous degree (no paper clips!), and it only makes sense that regular Joes do the same.

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If your two greatest loves in this world are your home theater and your dog Sparky, you may have learned the hard way that they don't always play nice together. Let's face it: As domesticated as modern pets are, they can't exactly be expected to know what those remote controls are for, or that scratching a plasma TV screen is way worse than chewing a slipper.

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No one ever said being a home theater enthusiast was cheap. If you've got a full 7.1-channel speaker system, tricked out with the latest gear, and topped off with a 60-inch plasma, it could cost you more than $10,000. Yeah, that thing saying "ouch" is your credit card.

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Quick, think of the person you know who always throws a great Super Bowl party. That's right - Phil. Phil has that big-screen HDTV, a cool sound system, and that comfy couch. People are always high-fiving him after the game, telling him what a great party it was.