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Tom Norton  |  Sep 19, 2006  |  5 comments

In addition to their larger Signature V.2 speakers, Paradigm also showed a bookshelf 2-way, the Model S1 at $1600/pair, and this cute UTE center channel, the Model C1, at $900 each. It's not much wider than a big laptop. I'm intrigued by the possibility of using three C1s across the front, if the speaker's horizontal off-axis response is up to the job. The physical layout, with the vertical orientation of the midrange and tweeter (the smallest center channel design I've seen using this arrangement) is a good first step in that direction. As in the other new Signature speakers, these both sport the new Paradigm pure-beryllium tweeter.

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Optoma was producing a terrific picture on a big screen (estimated at about 12-feet wide) using an add-on Schneider anamorphic lens on the company's new HD81 1080p single-chip DLP projector. The projector goes for $7000, the lens is a $4000 option (lens available in November)

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Optoma took two of their pro projectors and electronically stitched together this widescreen image. The seam is barely visible here, but a bit more visible in the flesh. Engineers playing games. The image was much sharper than this available light image suggests.

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Epson had this prototype of a new 1080p LCD projector on static display, but not on demonstration. The PowerLite Pro Cinema 1080p uses the company's newest D6 C2 Fine LCD panels. No price or availability date was announced.

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Artison chief Cary Christie describes the processor and amp designed to drive one or two if his new in-wall subs (background and in entry below). Each in-wall sub will cost $1000 and the amp/processor another $1000.

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Artison's new subwoofer, RCC 600, hides in a wall, with four unique drivers that oppose each other with rigidly attached baskets. This allows the reactance forces generated to cancel one another. According to Artison, one RCC 600 provides a bass/sound quality surpassing that of a typical 12-inch subwoofer.

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Infinity has redesigned its Primus series for 2006, with prices maxing out at $349 each for the P262 floorstander

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PMC Pro and Bryston demonstrated this small bedroom system.

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Classe will market the SSP-900 surround pre-pro next year for around $25,000. Start skipping lunch.

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Quartet Marketing Group is importing the complete line of T+A products from Germany, including speakers, home theater electronics, and 2-channel products. The rep I spoke to also said they could have sold 2000 of these Ikea
floor lamps, too.