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Scott Wilkinson  |  Mar 31, 2008  |  4 comments

I've been engaged in an interesting e-conversation with Steve Gutierrez, a builder/developer who won a Panasonic plasma at his workplace and wants to install a complete home-media system. Here's the gist of our dialog, but I welcome any comments from readers with suggestions I might have missed.

Scott Wilkinson  |  Mar 24, 2008  |  20 comments

Okay, I said I wouldn't use this space for pontificating, but I really can't resist this week. I want to add my voice to Tom Norton's, who, in a <A href="">recent blog</A>, wrote about what the Blu-ray community needs to do to succeed in the packaged-media market now that HD DVD is out of the picture. I'd like to elaborate on some of the issues he raised.

Scott Wilkinson  |  Mar 24, 2008  |  0 comments

Anyone interested in accurate video reproduction knows the name of Joe Kane. For the last 35 years, Kane has tirelessly advocated that consumer video displays must be calibrated according to standards defined by the broadcast industry in order to produce the best possible picture. To that end, he has produced several video discs with images specifically designed to help do just that.

Scott Wilkinson  |  Mar 21, 2008  |  0 comments

Sony announced on Thursday that the next firmware update for the PlayStation 3 (v. 2.20) will add BD-Live capabilities, sometimes called Profile 2.0, to the game console that also happens to be a Blu-ray player. Scheduled for release in late March, this update will make the PS3 the first BD-Live device to become available since the format launched over a year ago.

Scott Wilkinson  |  Mar 17, 2008  |  0 comments

Pioneer has single-handedly revitalized the entire plasma market with its Kuro line. Named with the Japanese word for "black," all Kuro models exhibit astonishing black levels that are far lower than all other plasmas and just about all LCD TVs (except those that use LED backlighting, which can reach black levels that are literally 0fL).

Scott Wilkinson  |  Mar 16, 2008  |  4 comments

Merrill Bauer of St. Louis, MO, sent me a question that echoes some thoughts I've often had myself:

Scott Wilkinson  |  Mar 09, 2008  |  Published: Mar 10, 2008  |  6 comments

Here's an interesting set of questions from Thomas Beasley, who's helping a non-profit organization set up some video displays in its lobby. Of course, he needs to keep costs down as much as possible.

Scott Wilkinson  |  Mar 07, 2008  |  0 comments

In a press release issued today, Pioneer announced it will stop manufacturing raw plasma panels, stating, "We have judged that maintaining the cost competitiveness of plasma display panels at projected sales volumes will be difficult going forward. Accordingly, we have decided to terminate in-house plasma display panel production and to procure these panels externally, after panel production for our next series of models is complete...Pioneer is currently in discussions on the feasibility of procuring panel modules that may incorporate the Company's proprietary technologies. Details will be announced as soon as they are finalized."

Scott Wilkinson  |  Mar 04, 2008  |  0 comments

I wasn't going to post a story about this until we know more about it, but it's too important to wait. According to several news sources, Pioneer is finalizing plans to stop manufacturing plasma panels and concentrate on assembling plasma TVs. The company is negotiating to acquire panels from Matsushita, Panasonic's parent company. A Pioneer spokesperson said an official statement would be forthcoming this Friday.

Scott Wilkinson  |  Mar 02, 2008  |  10 comments

It seems our readership extends far beyond the USA. Here's a question from Helcio in Brazil: