Fred Manteghian

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The MCD500 is probably the last 2-channel SACD / CD player you'll ever need, and at these prices, it had better be. Still, it's a McIntosh so it will hopefully out live you.

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Not new, the VS3002 has been out a year now, but not many people know about it. It's a simple HDMI (V1.3a), but six-in, two-out make it a good option for someone with a decent AVR that's a little short on HDMI inputs. Placed between you devices and one of your current AVR's HDMI inputs will instantly give you more capacity and a new remote control to lose.

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Alright, it might not sound like much, and Marantz decided not to give it a new model designation, but the new coating on the Konica Minolta lens only makes this already superb projector better. The demo system consisted of Marantz MA9S2 monoblock amps ($6,500) and Snell's new cabinet based B7 speakers. The sound was great as well.

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Across the street from the convention center, find memorabilia from last week's <strike>hysterical</strike> historical event. Blue pant suits are buy-one-get-one-free, but the Jonathan Edward's bobble-head dolls (hey, you have order these months in advance, so who knew!) were my favorites.

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Dynaudio make great sounding speakers, but they're usually very pricey. The new DM series, made in Denmark, start as little as $875 pair for the DM 2/7, a two way with a 6-1/2" woofer (first on left) and as high as $1,350 a pair for the two-way DM 2/10 with a 10" woofer. Available in faux cherry or black, they're yeoman-like, but look promising.

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Members of the Studio series (the lower tier of Paradigm's Reference series) get a refresh starting this year into next. Here's what the new line will look like.

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As beautiful looking subwoofers go, here's another one. The 15" driver has a 3" peak-to-peak excursion that necessitates a special grill (not shown). 3,000 watts (7,500 watts dynamic) of class D power. $2,500.

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Things are looking up for Martin Logan as they move into in-ceiling speakers. The Helos 100 is a two way speaker which sits at an angle in your ceiling so you can aim it at your listening area. The tweeter sticks out like a mushroom and is also aimed at the listening area. An aluminum cone, Vojtko sourced crossover, a contour switch all add to the Helos' "not me too" approach. $500/each.

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I shot this standing alone.