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Some people's idea of a perfect speaker might not be a big ugly black box that delivers pristine performance. Obviously, these folks' priorities are way out of whack.

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Ever notice how many custom installers are losing their hair? That's because they pulled it all out in frustration over HDMI.

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Everyone who's hip to home theater knows the state-of-the-art in video is a constant-height projection system. And everyone who's hip to home theater also knows they can't afford one.

Or can they?

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Some people have the common sense to get alarm systems. Others set up all sorts of lights and timers to make the bad guys think they're home when they're not. I thought I was pretty smart for being a member of the latter group - until last week when my neighbor asked, "Were you gone Monday and Tuesday? I noticed your light timer was on."

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What's the most popular audio evaluation tool in the world? It's RadioShack's model 33-4050 sound level meter. What's the most controversial audio evaluation tool in the world? That same little $45 meter.

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Don't get us wrong - today's top TVs are great. But where do we go from here? What's going to get us video enthusiasts really excited? Broader color spectra arising from LED-based technologies? Frame rates moving up to 240 Hz?

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Epson's PowerLites: Home or Pro? 160284947971 Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema 1080 UB With its latest 1080p LCD front projector, Epson takes a cue from the airlines by offering both coach and first-class versions.
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Definitive Raises the Bar 93207058226 Definitive SSA-50 When highbrow artists loan their talents to lowbrow productions, magic often follows.
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Americans are fearing the future. And not just because there's a fourth Jurassic Park movie in the works.

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JVC's $50 Surround System: Any Good? SXXSW6000 JVC SXXSW6000 From Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance to The Simpsons, many of the 20th century's great philosophical works have confronted the question