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Denon's AVR-4810CI A/V receiver is the first product that exploits the full 11.1-channel capability of Audyssey DSX processing. Here are our initial impressions:

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LEDs have risen from their original occupation as humble indicator lamps to serving as the light source for some of today's most advanced TVs. Electronics engineers prize the LED for its brightness and cool-running efficiency. Environmentalists and utility companies tout its low power consumption. Videophiles are warming to it for the performance enhancements it facilitates.

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Key Features
(as tested) $30,295 PROJECTIONDESIGN.COM
•1080p r
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Key Features
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It's not often that someone tosses me the keys to a new car, tells me to take it out for a few hours, and encourages me to crank up the stereo as loud as I want. But that's just what happened last week at the press junket that marked the debut of the new Lincoln MKT crossover vehicle.

The Short Form
$6,995 / BGCORP.COM
At A Glance
The Short Form
$7,999 /
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The Short Form
$9,574 (as tested) / MARTINLOGAN.COM
The Short Form
$9,595 (as tested); $5,295 projector only / DREAMVISION.NET
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That fact that projection screens have emerged as a subject of hot debate might make the general public question the sanity of A/V aficionados. After all, these are flat white sheets we're talking about, right? Are we as nuts as oenophiles who enthuse about aromas of freshly reaped alfalfa in their pinots?