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Brent Butterworth  |  Feb 23, 2010  |  0 comments

Call it the projection paradox. Projector owners are so devoted to their pursuit of a cinematic effect that they're willing to spend thousands of dollars more than the average TV buyer and endure lights-out viewing.

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Key Features
$2,500 (as tested)
• Fazon Sat Satellite Speaker
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On June 11, 2009, I lost a cherished friend: the Sony Watchman TV I'd owned for 20 years. When analog TV broadcasts went dead that day, my Watchman, along with every other portable analog mini-TV, suddenly became useless. A few portable digital TVs have since appeared to fill the gap, but because the ATSC digital-TV standard wasn't designed for mobile use, none of them can deliver the reliable roving reception of my 1980s-vintage Watchman.

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Key Features
• 1,000-watt xenon lamp (500- and 1,500-wa
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Brent Butterworth  |  Nov 12, 2009  |  0 comments

Denon's AVR-4810CI A/V receiver is the first product that exploits the full 11.1-channel capability of Audyssey DSX processing. Here are our initial impressions:

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LEDs have risen from their original occupation as humble indicator lamps to serving as the light source for some of today's most advanced TVs. Electronics engineers prize the LED for its brightness and cool-running efficiency. Environmentalists and utility companies tout its low power consumption. Videophiles are warming to it for the performance enhancements it facilitates.

Key Features
Key Features
(as tested) $30,295 PROJECTIONDESIGN.COM
•1080p r
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Key Features