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HT Staff  |  Dec 13, 2002  |  0 comments
Once the rarefied domain of specialty electronics retailers, home theater is going discount. Big-box discount chains like K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Inc. and Target Stores have seen their revenues surge since adding digital televisions and related products to their inventories.
HT Staff  |  Nov 25, 2002  |  0 comments
Once something no serious movie lover would consider, in-wall speakers have made huge gains in performance in the past couple of years. In-walls are now real contenders for your home theater dollar.
HT Staff  |  Nov 24, 2002  |  0 comments
Theta Digital has launched several intriguing new products guaranteed to whet the appetites of music and movie lovers everywhere. Among them are the Carmen II DVD/CD transport, the Generation VIII two-channel DAC, and the multichannel Dreadnaught II power amp.
HT Staff  |  Nov 24, 2002  |  0 comments
Synonymous with cutting-edge video technology, Faroudja has launched an innovative "Faroudja Digital Projector (FDP) Package" program that includes a high-resolution D-ILA projector, specially selected video processors, and custom alignment by one of the most revered technicians in the business.
HT Staff  |  Nov 22, 2002  |  0 comments
Video projectors just keep getting better. One of the leaders is the HT300Plus, the latest addition to the Grand Cinema line of DLP projectors from SIM2 Multimedia S.p.A.

The company's year-old HT300 is already something of a legend in the industry. SIM2 has improved its performance in several areas, including a 28% reduction in black level, and a 17% increase in brightness, for an overall gain in contrast ratio of +63%.

HT Staff  |  Nov 15, 2002  |  0 comments
Norwood, MA-based - Atlantic Technology has introduced a flexible high-performance multichannel speaker system boasting THX Ultra 2 certification. The new 8200 THX Ultra2 speaker system is said to offer "the highest levels of performance" while providing a wide array of customization options and sonic adjustments.
HT Staff  |  Nov 11, 2002  |  0 comments
Zenith Electronics Corporation has launched a broad array of DTV products –– including new digital set-top boxes, LCD monitors and a new 37" plasma display panel (PDP). The P37W24 is the first for Zenith in this screen size.
HT Staff  |  Oct 27, 2002  |  0 comments
Canadian manufacturer PSB Speakers is celebrating its 30th anniversary in the consumer electronics market with the launch of several new products. Among them are two high performance subwoofers, ideal for low-end reinforcement in home theater systems.
HT Staff  |  Oct 27, 2002  |  0 comments
Consumer interest in home theater has grown by almost 1000% in the past year, according to figures published by the Consumer Electronics Association. But how to make sense of the bewildering array of audio and video products out there? Which ones offer the best performance or most features?
HT Staff  |  Oct 22, 2002  |  0 comments
High-definition television will get a big push this season and next with sports programming from ABC and ESPN.