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uavKim Wilson  |  Jan 07, 2008  |  0 comments

There is no way to convey the noise level on the show floor. In fact, you've not truly had a CES experience until you've been inundated by the cacophony of sights and sounds in these giant, cavernous halls.

uavKim Wilson  |  Dec 11, 2008  |  0 comments

LG has introduced something new with the BD300. In addition to being a full-featured Blu-ray player, it can also stream movies from Netflix, which explains the unique product designation—network Blu-ray player. The BD300 offers a number of key features we've come to expect from Blu-ray players, such as bitstream output of the advanced audio codecs, BonusView, BD-Live, and 24fps output for compatible video displays.

uavKim Wilson  |  Jan 06, 2008  |  0 comments

I was up at the crack of dawn to make sure I made it to LG Electronics annual 8am press conference. One of the major announcements was their commitment to quality audio performance to accompany their high definition flat panel TVs. Audio has never been a major product category for LG Electronics so this new venture is extremely ambitious. They have partnered with legendary audio designer, Mr. Mark Levinson. Together they have collaborated on the development of two new home theater products that deliver enhanced sound quality accented by a stylish design.

The AP3133 is a high-definition AV home theater system featuring multi-driver floor standing loudspeakers, a center channel speaker, surrounds, and powered subwoofer. The system includes a 7.1-channel AV receiver with 150Watts X 7 , Burr-Brown PCM 1796 24bit/192kHz DAC, multi-input HDMI switching with near 1080p upscaling [whatever that means] and Audyssey Auto Room Multi EQ Adjustment. Moreover it is built around LG’s “Super Blu” dual-format player. However, since WB's recent announcement to go Blu and drop HD-DVD, it may not matter much.

The LHT888 was inspired by the slim elegant form of the champagne glass, which can be seen in the loudspeakers unique parabolic housing and tapered integrated pedestal. The system includes a 700W 5.1-channel DVD receiver with near 1080p upscaling, a built-in wireless kit, HDMI output and LG's SimpLink™ multi-device control (HDMI-CEC) and multi-format playback compatibility.

There were no images in the press kit and it wasn't until I left the standing room only crowd did I learn there was some demo models off the side of the stage. So the image here is just from a banner behind the podium. I hope to hear a sample of both systems at some point in the show, so I can provide more details and images.

uavKim Wilson  |  Jan 10, 2009  |  0 comments

LG's wireless TV system includes the 55LH85 Full HD 1080p LCD HDTV and an AV media box. The only cable to the TV is the power cord. All components are plugged into the media box which connect to the TV wirelessly, and transfers uncompressed 1080p signals up to 30 feet away, at a bit rate of 3Gbps.

uavKim Wilson  |  Jan 08, 2009  |  0 comments

I may have missed the press conference but I had a much more intimate and informative demonstration of the Linksys (from Cisco) Wireless Home Audio system during the Digital Experience.

uavKim Wilson  |  Jan 15, 2009  |  0 comments

CES not only introduces all the new products we can expect to see on store shelves for that year, new trends in technologies and how we will use electronic products in our everyday lives come into full view, as well. CES is not just a showcase of the latest and greatest consumer products, it is a vision into the future.

uavKim Wilson  |  Aug 20, 2008  |  0 comments

In the world of cars, any make and model will get you where you need to go. Some will get you there faster, and others will get you there in style. However, only a select few exude an air of sophistication and grace.

uavKim Wilson  |  Jan 09, 2008  |  0 comments

Marantz showed off two new separates, the AV8003 Preamp/Processor and MM8003 Power Amp. However, price and availability were not available. The AV8003 is network capable providing a built-in digital media player using Ethernet connectivity for streaming audio and video content throughout a networked home. The MM8003 is 150 watts x 8 channels.

uavKim Wilson  |  Oct 19, 2008  |  0 comments

Maybe you already know what a mashup is and even if you don't know the proper terminology, you've definitely heard one. A mashup is one or more songs mixed together to create an entirely new song. Technically, these new tracks are bootlegs, as they are not authorized remixes by the artist or sanctioned by the record labels. That said there are hundreds, if not thousands, of these unique hybrid tunes out there.

uavKim Wilson  |  Jan 10, 2009  |  0 comments

LG offers two Network Attached Storage (NAS) drives to hold movies, photos, and music. They are perfect for using with the broadband TVs. The N481 accepts up to four swappable drives and the N281is smaller with capacity for 2 drives. The size of the drives can be whatever you choose and both drives have built-in Blu-ray writers.