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Jamie Sorcher  |  Aug 06, 2012  |  5 comments
Most folks envision stadium-style seating for their home theaters, but that take-me-out-to-the-ball-game approach isn’t the only way to go. For a more flexible, family-style setup, think sectionals. These aren’t the stodgy, hulking pieces of upholstered furniture of the past. Today’s versions offer unique configurations that combine love seats, sofas, chairs, chaises, and ottomans (great as additional seating or as a table for food/drink) and can work together or separately for multiple options. One more thing: Don’t forget to take the tush test when you shop for any kind of seating. Comfort is the key if you’re going to enjoy your screening experience.
Jamie Sorcher  |  Dec 09, 2008  |  4 comments

For married couples or any two people who live together, life always seems to be a series of compromises. When this Omaha, Nebraska, homeowner built his dream theater, he not only put on an addition to the house for his theater, but he added a room right above it for his wife.

Jamie Sorcher  |  Jan 31, 2012  |  0 comments
It is the most high-tech pigskin playoff yet, and it might be the event that truly marks the debut of social TV.

This year’s SuperBowl is the first to be streamed live online and wirelessly to select mobile phones, so no matter where you are (maybe you've been sent for more beer or ice!), you can stream the game to your PC, tablet, or smartphone and not miss a moment of the action.

Jamie Sorcher  |  Nov 30, 2012  |  1 comments
Home Theater visits Men in Black producer/director Barry Sonnenfeld at home in Telluride, Colorado to check out his 600-square-foot screening room and it's crown jewel—the Sony VPL-VW1000ES, the world’s first consumer 4K projector, offering more than four times the resolution of HDTV and 3D capability.
Jamie Sorcher  |  Sep 11, 2005  |  0 comments

The days of going to an electronics store, choosing from a lineup of components, and carrying your selection out to the trunk of your car might be fading fast. We now want our entertainment with us all the time, wherever we go, but few of us have the time to wade through the overwhelming proliferation of gear being created to address that desire.