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HT Staff  |  Aug 08, 2003  |  0 comments
Redline Studio
Not just any old cabinet will do when it comes to housing your home theater equipment. For a sleek, contemporary storage unit, Redline Studio is offering their first line of furniture that's devoted to consumer electronics components, the RS-32 Series. The group includes three freestanding shelf units and two bridges that join the units if you want to build a more-extensive shelving system. The RS-32 Series uses titanium-tinted steel frames with vertical, espresso-colored, inlaid-wood accent strips. Three TV stands range in size to accommodate just about any screen size. The RS-311 Wide TV Stand measures 45 by 21.25 by 24 inches and costs $399, while the RS-3212 Tall TV Stand (shown here) measures 30 by 29 by 22 inches and sells for the same price. Also available is a 23.5- by 60.5- by 22-inch Stereo Rack for $499.
Redline Studio
(800) 898-9005
HT Staff  |  Jul 05, 2004  |  0 comments
Thiel ViewPoint
Here's the solution for all of you flat-screen lovers out there who don't know what to do about the accompanying loudspeakers. Thiel's ViewPoint loudspeaker is designed to integrate with your wall-mounted flat panel. The ViewPoint combines a coaxial and coplanar driver with a 90-degree radiation pattern for a sound that covers the room. The loudspeaker features a 6.5-inch woofer and the same 1-inch tweeter that Thiel uses in their flagship CS7.2. The ViewPoint measures 8 inches wide by 5 deep with a built-to-order height. It sells for $1,990 and weighs 18 pounds.
(859) 254-9427
HT Staff  |  May 01, 2003  |  0 comments
You gotta love value, and V Inc.'s offering of a 46-inch plasma display for only $3,999 represents a value indeed. The Visio P4 display has a native resolution of 852:480, and it's compatible with 480p, 720p, and 1080i HD formats. It comes with an integrated 181-channel NTSC/PAL tuner, an attractive stand, and a fanless cooling system, which should provide you with nice, quiet viewing. The Visio P4 offers a good compliment of video inputs, including RGB, component, S-video, and composite, as well as a DVI connection. You'll also enjoy this 16:9 plasma's motion-adaptive deinterlacing, 3:2-pulldown recognition, and four adjustable aspect ratios. There's not much that the Visio P4 doesn't have on board, except, of course, a hefty price tag.
V Inc.
(714) 962-4848
HT Staff  |  Sep 03, 2003  |  0 comments
College kids, listen up! Have you been trying to re-create your home theater's sound in the dorm room, only to realize that a "closet" measuring 15 feet wide by 20 deep isn't nearly enough room for all of the equipment you'll need? Denon's new D-M71DVXP DVD receiver system may be able to help you out. The system incorporates Dolby Virtual Speaker surround technology, which uses just two speakers to deliver a 5.1-channel surround sound experience. Features include an integrated DVD/receiver unit, two satellite speakers, and a subwoofer. To achieve quality sound and picture reproduction, the D-M71DVXP uses Analog Devices' Hammerhead SHARC 32-bit DSP audio processors. The two-way speakers each offer dual 2-inch midbass drivers and a 0.5-inch dome tweeter. A 100-watt subwoofer rounds out the audio component. The receiver has an aluminum faceplate; the subwoofer has a wood finish; and the satellite speakers are housed in aluminum with wood-finished end caps. The system retails for $999, and a two-channel version is also available for $699. Now you know what to ask for this holiday season.
(973) 396-0810
HT Staff  |  May 09, 2013  |  0 comments
A 3D camcorder plus a high-end soundbar, wireless music system, and serious digital music player from three classic audio brands, and other cool stuff...
HT Staff  |  Oct 20, 2003  |  0 comments
ELAN's new VIA!2 wireless touchpanel is perfect for controlling wholehouse audio, home theater, security, temperature, lighting, drapes, and just about any other wireless solution you could ask for. (Now, if only it could load and unload the dishwasher...) It uses an 802.11b wireless transmission method and comes with both the VIA!2 server and docking station. The 7.8-inch LCD touchscreen and large, easy-to-read buttons and user screens make the VIA!2 both intuitive and user-friendly. Using ELAN's VIA!TOOLS Windows-based software, you can complete the setup process in hours using simple point-and-click methods. ELAN says that the VIA!2 will last for 670 hours in hibernate mode, 24 hours in standby mode, or 6 hours in operation mode. The $3,500 price tag also gets you the Server Station, which can turn the unit's commands into IR or RS-232 commands for controlling other home devices. Look for this handy device in the first quarter of 2004.
ELAN Home Systems
(859) 269-7760
HT Staff  |  Mar 15, 2004  |  0 comments
When only the best will do, use Nordost's new line of A/V power cords, specifically their flagship product, the Valhalla. This power cord is designed for use with just about all of your components: preamps, power amps, CD players, SACD and DVD players, video projectors, and other display devices. According to the company, its line of power cables offers improved signal speed, better power transfer, and increased thermal efficiency. The Valhalla boasts a propagation speed of 90 percent. Like the company's other models, the Valhalla power cords use 99.9 percent oxygen-free copper conductors for better power transfer and performance. The Valhalla also uses 70 microns of extruded silver over the conductors. Two meters will cost you $2,500, and additional 1-meter increments are $500.
Nordost Corporation
(508) 881-1116
HT Staff  |  Nov 01, 2012  |  2 comments
Sennheiser IE 800 Earphones
When a company that’s been making headphones since 1945 announces that its latest earphones deliver “detailed lifelike sound” with a super-wide frequency range of 5 hertz to 46 kilohertz, your ears perk up. The heart of Sennheiser’s IE 800 “ear canal phones” is a miniature, 0.28-inch wide-range driver that’s said to eliminate slight jumps and delays in music repro- duction that occur with the multidriver configuration used in some high-end earphones. Other sound-enhancing features include a venting system that reduces distortion (notice the tiny silver ports) and an absorber that prevents high-frequency resonances from masking quiet sounds in the midrange.

For Any Ear: Sennheiser provides a selection of oval and round silicone adapters to ensure a perfect fit. Price: $787.
Sennheiser • (860) 434-9190 •