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Scott Wilkinson  |  Nov 18, 2011  |  8 comments
Do You Prefer Active or Passive 3D Flat Panels?
SV Staff  |  Jun 15, 2020  |  10 comments
Do You Plan to Buy an 8K TV?
Yes! I’m eager to take advantage of the new features and capabilities state-of-the-art 8K TVs bring to the table.
10% (172 votes)
Yes, but I will wait until set prices come down and 8K programming is available.
28% (483 votes)
I have no plans to buy an 8K TV now or in the immediate future.
33% (559 votes)
I have no plans to buy an 8K TV but will reconsider when 8K programming becomes widely available.
28% (483 votes)
Total votes: 1697
Scott Wilkinson  |  Apr 06, 2012  |  23 comments
Have You Cut the Cord?
Scott Wilkinson  |  Nov 12, 2010  |  13 comments
Have You Heard Exotic Cables Improve Sound Quality?
Scott Wilkinson  |  Jul 27, 2012  |  15 comments
Is Your Home Theater's AC Power Protected?
Scott Wilkinson  |  Mar 11, 2011  |  19 comments
What Is Your Main Video Display?
SV Staff  |  Jan 27, 2014  |  0 comments
What Was the Most Compelling TV Story of CES?
The explosion of 4K/Ultra HD TVs, which were introduced by virtually every brand
19% (72 votes)
The explosion of “smart TVs”—sets with built-in Internet capabilities and new user interfaces
1% (2 votes)
Sony’s introduction of its first consumer 4K camcorder
2% (7 votes)
The announcement that Netflix will begin streaming 4K content
9% (34 votes)
Samsung’s announcement of a 110-inch Ultra HD TV (that will sell for $150,000)
1% (2 votes)
Dolby’s demonstration of a glasses-free 3D system in which 3D depth can be adjusted
2% (7 votes)
LG’s announcement of a 77-inch hybrid OLED/Ultra HD TV
17% (62 votes)
TV makers embracing curved screens for many of their new 4K/Ultra HD TVs
0% (1 vote)
Sets designed for high dynamic range, or “HDR,” which aims to replicate the real-world “pop” of bright areas in an image
13% (49 votes)
The lack of OLED TVs and the fact that OLED took a (way) backseat to Ultra HD
29% (109 votes)
When hotshot Hollywood director Michael Bay walked off stage at a Samsung press conference when the teleprompter failed
5% (17 votes)
Other (please tell us what we missed in Comments)
3% (12 votes)
Total votes: 374
Scott Wilkinson  |  Jul 15, 2011  |  10 comments
What Will You Do in Response to Netflix's Rate Hike?
SV Staff  |  May 12, 2015  |  10 comments
What Type of Home Theater Speakers Do You Have?
Subwoofer/satellite setup with five (or more) freestanding compact speakers and a subwoofer(s)
30% (488 votes)
Tower-based setup with full-range passive speakers in the front L/R positions plus a standalone subwoofer(s)
46% (741 votes)
Tower-based setup with full-range passive speakers in the front L/R positions and no standalone subwoofer
6% (99 votes)
Tower-based setup with full-range power towers (with built-in powered sub) in the front L/R positions plus a dedicated sub(s)
7% (116 votes)
Tower-based setup with full-range “power towers” (with built-in powered subs) in the front L/R positions and no dedicated sub
6% (90 votes)
In-wall/ceiling speakers plus a freestanding subwoofer
3% (54 votes)
In-wall/ceiling speakers, including an in-wall/ceiling subwoofer
1% (14 votes)
Total votes: 1602
SV Staff  |  Nov 14, 2019  |  3 comments
What Product Tops Your Holiday Wish List?
11% (83 votes)
28% (225 votes)
AV receiver (< $1,000)
5% (40 votes)
AV receiver (> $1,000)
14% (108 votes)
4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player
7% (55 votes)
Streaming media player
5% (38 votes)
5% (39 votes)
Portable hi-res-capable audio player
2% (14 votes)
Digital network preamp or amp/DAC (digital-to-analog converter)
4% (31 votes)
Home theater speaker system (5.1 or higher)
4% (33 votes)
Soundbar (with or without wireless subwoofer)
1% (9 votes)
Dolby Atmos/DTS:X-capable soundbar (with upward firing speakers)
2% (17 votes)
Wireless multiroom speaker (designed for Wi-Fi networking)
2% (15 votes)
Bluetooth speaker (designed for streaming from a mobile device)
0% (3 votes)
Full-size headphones (on-ear or over-ear)
7% (52 votes)
Earbuds (a.k.a. in-ear headphones)
4% (28 votes)
Total votes: 790
Scott Wilkinson  |  Mar 16, 2012  |  13 comments
Have You Used Digital Copy?
Scott Wilkinson  |  Jul 13, 2012  |  14 comments
Do You Prefer Subscription or Pay-As-You-Go Streaming?
Scott Wilkinson  |  Feb 18, 2011  |  9 comments
Do You Prefer 2-Channel or Multichannel Music Recordings?
SV Staff  |  Oct 16, 2013  |  5 comments
SV Poll: Do You Own a Soundbar?
Yes. It’s a perfect low-clutter solution for my bedroom (or other secondary space).
18% (122 votes)
Yes. I use one in my primary home entertainment space because I don’t have room for multiple speakers.
12% (83 votes)
Yes. I use one in my primary home entertainment space because my spouse won’t let me set up a system with multiple speakers.
5% (33 votes)
No, but I bought one as a gift for my parents/grandparents (or other friend or relative) because it’s easy to set up and use.
6% (40 votes)
No. I love my 5/7.1 home theater setup and would never even consider a soundbar for my main setup.
50% (337 votes)
No. I would never buy a soundbar for myself or anyone else; I don't think they should have a place in the A/V world.
9% (59 votes)
Total votes: 674
Scott Wilkinson  |  Jun 17, 2011  |  11 comments
What Type of Surround Speakers Do You Use?