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Richard Lehnert  |  Mar 05, 2003  |  0 comments

<I>Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Thomas F. Wilson, Lea Thompson, James Tolkan. Directed by Robert Zemeckis. Aspect ratio: 1.85:1. Dolby Digital 5.1 (English, French). Three discs. Universal 22121. PG. $56.98.</I>

Kris Deering  |  May 31, 2010  |  0 comments
Movie: 3.5
Picture/Sound: 3.5/4
Extras: 3
Kris Deering  |  Feb 21, 2011  |  0 comments
Video: 4.5/5
Audio: 3/5
Extras: 4/5
Now "Bambi", Walt Disney's beloved coming-of-age story, will thrill a new generation of fans with its breathtakingly beautiful animation, soaring music and characters who will touch your heart - Bambi, the wide-eyed fawn, his playful pal Thumper, the lovable skunk Flower and wise Friend Owl.
Thomas J. Norton  |  Feb 27, 2005  |  0 comments

<I>Directed by David Hand. THX-certified. Aspect ratio: 1.33:1. Two discs. 5.1 Disney Enhanced Home Theater Mix (English Dolby Digital 5.1), Dolby Digital 2.0 original mono theatrical mix, Dolby Digital 5.1 (French, Spanish). 67 minutes (film). 1942. Buena Vista Home Entertainment. G. $29.99.</I>

Thomas J. Norton  |  Mar 12, 2003  |  0 comments

<I>Directed by Phil Alden Robinson, Richard Loncraine, Mikael Salomen, David Nutter, Tom Hanks, David Leland, David Frankel, Tony To. Aspect ratio: 1.85:1 (letterbox). Dolby Digital 5.1 (English), Dolby Surround (English, French, Spanish). Five discs. 700 minutes. 2000. HBO Video 99205. NR. $119.98.</I>

Kris Deering  |  Dec 07, 2008  |  0 comments
Video: 4/5
Audio: 4.75/5
Extras: 4/5
Based on the bestseller by Stephen E. Ambrose, the epic 10-part miniseries "Band Of Brothers" tells the story of Easy Company, 506th Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division, U.S. Army. Drawn from interviews with survivors of Easy Company, as well as soldiers' journals and letters, "Band Of Brothers" chronicles the experiences of these men who knew extraordinary bravery and extraordinary fear. They were an elite rifle company parachuting into France early on D-Day morning, fighting in the Battle of the Bulge and capturing Hitler's Eagle's Nest at Berchtesgaden. They were also a unit that suffered 150 percent casualties, and whose lives became legend.
Kris Deering  |  Dec 19, 2008  |  0 comments
Video: 4/5
Audio: 4.5/5
Extras: 3.5/5
The life of an anonymous assassin takes an unexpected turn when travels to Thailand to complete a series of contract killings. Joe, a remorseless hitman, is in Bangkok to execute four enemies of a ruthless crime boss named Surat. He hires Kong, street punk and pick pocket, to run errands for him with the intention of covering his tracks by killing him at the end of the assignment. Strangely, Joe, the ultimate lone wolf, instead finds himself mentoring the young man while simultaneously being drawn into a tentative romance with a local shop girl. As he falls further under the sway of Bangkok's intoxicating beauty, Joe begins to question his isolated existence and let down his guard just as Sarat decides it's time to clean house.
Kris Deering  |  Jul 04, 2008  |  0 comments
Video: 4.5/5
Audio: 4.75/5
Extras: 3.75/5
Batman Begins explores the origins of the Batman legend and the Dark Knight's emergence as a force for good in Gotham. In the wake of his parents' murder disillusioned industrial heir Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) travels the world seeking the means to fight injustice and turn fear against those who prey on the fearful. He returns to Gotham and unveils his alter-ego: Batman a masked crusader who uses his strength intellect and an array of high tech deceptions to fight the sinister forces that threaten the city.
Geoffrey Morrison  |  Feb 05, 2007  |  First Published: Jan 05, 2007  |  0 comments
Video: 5
Audio: 5
Extras: 5
It was with some trepidation that I watched this movie. After all, Joel Schumacher and Akiva Goldsman did their incompetent best to ruin the franchise for anyone who can sound out the word h-a-c-k-s. I shouldn’t have worried. Christopher Nolan knows his stuff and made a movie that is the equal to if not (dare I say it) better than Tim Burton’s classic. Unlike Brian Singer’s passable rebirth/continuation of the Superman franchise, Nolan starts fresh and does as the title says, showing the beginnings of Batman.
Kris Deering  |  Jul 21, 2008  |  0 comments
Video: 2.75/5
Audio: 3/5
Extras: 3.5/5
Acclaimed screenwriters join forces with revered animation filmmakers on six spellbinding chapters chronicling Batman’s transition from novice crime fighter to Dark Knight. These globe-spanning adventures pit Batman against the fearsome Scarecrow, the freakish Killer Croc and the unerring marksman Deadshot. Using an arsenal of high-tech gadgetry from Wayne Industries, Batman’s ethical boundaries exist only where he chooses to place them leaving some fearful of his power. The sharp storytelling complemented by stylish art from some of the world’s most visionary animators masterfully depicts the blurred lines of Batman as man myth and legend.
Kris Deering  |  Jun 29, 2008  |  0 comments
Video: 4/5
Audio: 2.25/5
Extras: 3.75/5
When Batman and Robin get a tip that Commodore Schmidlapp is in danger aboard his yacht they launch a rescue mission. But the tip is a set-up by four of the most powerful villains ever who seek to defeat the Dynamic Duo once and for all! Armed with a dehydrator that can turn humans into dust the fearsome foursome intends to take over the world! Can the Caped Crusaders use their high-flying heroism and groovy gadgetry to declaw Catwoman? Ice the Penguin? Upstage the Joker? And stump the Riddler in time?
Kris Deering  |  Mar 14, 2009  |  0 comments
Video: 4.25/5
Audio: 4/5
Extras: 3.5/5
This year the BAT goes BLU... Batman: The Motion Picture Anthology" includes "Batman", "Batman Returns", "Batman Forever" and "Batman & Robin".
Kris Deering  |  May 27, 2011  |  0 comments
Video: 5/5
Audio: 5/5
Extras: 3.5/5
For years, there have been documented cases of UFO sighting around the world - Buenos Aires, Seoul, France, Germany, China. But in 2011, what were once just sightings will become a terrifying reality when Earth is attacked by unknown forces. As people everywhere watch the world's great cities fall, Los Angeles becomes the last stand for mankind in a battle no one expected. It's up to a marine staff sergeant and his new platoon to draw a line in the sand as they take on an enemy unlike any they've ever encountered before.
Scott Wilkinson  |  Aug 02, 2004  |  0 comments

<I>Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Epic Series</I>