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<I>Sidney Poitier, Lilia Skala, Stanley Adams, Lisa Mann, Isa Crino, Francesca Jarvis, Pamela Branch, Dan Frazer. Directed by Ralph Nelson. Aspect ratio: 1.66: 1. Dolby Digital mono. 94 minutes. 1963. MGM 4001857. NR. $19.99.</I>

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It ranks as many movie buffs' best film of all time, and has landed at the top of the American Film Institute's list of the 100 Greatest American Movies, but until now, you could not get it on DVD. The film, of course, is <I>Citizen Kane</I>, Orson Welles' Academy-Award-winning masterwork credited with expanding film-making frontiers like no other movie in history.

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Not content to simply repackage some of its many models of drivers for in-wall applications, Danish loudspeaker manufacturer Dynaudio went back to the drawing board to come up with some totally new designs.
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Want big sound for a small space? On a tight budget? Canton Electronics Corporation's new Movie 10-MX speaker system may be just what you're looking for.
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The DVD format advanced from a high concept to a hot commodity blindingly fast. Navigating the crowded aisles of their local video stores, DVD enthusiasts - who just yesterday felt like elite, high-tech trailblazers - today rub shoulders with increasingly large crowds of new converts. And as models of DVD players have multiplied in number, so have their features and capabilities.

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Pushing the upper size limits of a cathode-ray tube (CRT), Sony's 40-inch KV-40XBR700 Wega is the largest direct-view CRT set on the market. It's also an HDTV monitor and has two wideband component-video inputs, 2:3 (also called 3:2) pulldown capability to improve the look of film-based material, and aspect ratio control.

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In the world of video-on-demand broadcast over the Internet, MPEG-4 video codec DivX (not to be confused with the <A HREF="">previous Circuit City fiasco</A> of the same name) has emerged as one of the more popular video compression technologies. Last week, <A HREF="">DivXNetworks</A> announced that DivX 4.0, the newest version of the codec (compressor/decompressor), is now available for download at its website.

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The <A HREF="">Consumer Electronics Association</A> (CEA) is once again pushing for a federal mandate that cable services and satellite broadcasters be required to carry digital television signals.

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High definition television is struggling to get off the ground with the hesitant support of local, cable, and satellite broadcasters. But as readers revealed in an <A HREF="">online <I>SGHT</I> poll</A> a while back, what would really give HDTV a kick in the pants would be a high definition playback medium&mdash;something like an HD-DVD.

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Is Canada a threat to the US film industry? The <A HREF="">Screen Actors Guild</A> seems to think so.