Fluance Limited Edition All-White RT81 Turntable and Ai40 Powered Bookshelf Speaker Bundle Sweepstakes

Register to win a Fluance Limited Edition All-White RT81 Turntable and Ai40 Powered Bookshelf Speaker Bundle ($399.99 retail value) we are giving away.

According to the company:

Fluance, engineers of serious performance, celebrates 20-years of redefining audio excellence. With humble beginnings in a local retail shop in Niagara Falls - Ontario, Fluance has grown to be a disruptor in the audio industry, commemorating their milestone and staying true to their vision. The passion for audio has resulted in the development of extraordinary products, enjoyed by countless music and home cinema enthusiasts internationally.


In honor of the occasion, Fluance is launching a Limited Edition All-White Bundle of the beloved RT81 Elite High-Fidelity Vinyl Turntable and Ai40 5” Powered Bookshelf Speakers. The release of this bundle credits Fluance's history of pushing the limits of audio performance and serves as a unique collector's item for audio enthusiasts with a passion for music. Limited quantities of the 20th Anniversary Bundle will be released on Thursdays at www.fluance.com for $399.99 starting on August 22nd.

Pairing the analog performance of the RT81 Turntable and the versatility of the Ai40 Bookshelf Speakers allows listeners to achieve faithfully reproduced and room-filling stereo sound. The visually striking and modern white color cements the two products as the centerpiece of any home theater set-up.


A Premium Vinyl-Listening Experience
The RT81 includes an Audio Technica ATN95E elliptical stylus that delivers freedom from noises and distortion, clarity on musical peaks and channel balance, offering a richer listening experience. Gold plated RCA line outputs help achieve captivating signal clarity, while the high-performance Texas Instruments preamp ensures high fidelity sound in its truest form.


Commanding Stereo Sound
The Ai40s are active speakers that feature an integrated 70W Class D amplifier, enabling them to deliver powerful, room-filling stereo sound that elevates the musical experience. The silk soft-dome tweeters produce natural highs, while the woven, glass fiber drivers round out the performance with detailed mids and deep bass, recreating the any musical number as if it was being performed live in the listeners home.

Refined Wood Cabinets
The beautifully crafted wood speaker cabinet and turntable plinth elicit a refined aesthetic and are acoustically tuned to deliver precise, warm, and distortion-free stereophonic sound.

Effortless Audio Excellence
The RT81 easily connects to the Ai40s through RCA without the need for a separate amplifier or AV receiver. Once the record finishes, a simple push of the button on the included remote control lets listeners switch over to aptX enhanced Bluetooth to stream music from their smartphone or tablet.

Pricing & Availability 
The Limited Edition All-White Bundle of the RT81 Elite High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable and Ai40 5” Powered Bookshelf Speakers will be available for sale with limited quantities being released every Thursday starting at $399.99 on www.fluance.com starting on August 22nd. Fluance prides itself in the quality of its products, and thus, offers a 30 Day risk-free in-home trial period and a two year warranty on its Powered Speakers and HiFi Turntables. The perfect complement to any audiophile's lifestyle, customers will be enjoying live performances in their homes for years to come.

For more information on the Reference High Fidelity Turntables and all of Fluance's high-quality audio products, visit Facebook.com/FluanceAudio and follow @FluanceAudio.

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joeydonq's picture

Here's Hoping

Sharpie0404's picture

Me too

hideallthewires's picture

It's smart they included an ability to stream music. I imagine that a majority of usage will be streaming while doing activities and the vinyl will be more intentional listening situations.

munkee55's picture

Fluance has been getting my attention lately with their products. Have actually been considering their turntables for my living room recently.

Avdude123's picture

I've been looking to start collecting vinyl and this Fluance setup look like a pretty painless way to start.

slumkid's picture

Very sadly, I threw out all of my old LPs years ago. I realized too late that this was a very big mistake. Now I have collected several very nice records thorough box set purchases, and I have not yet had a chance to listen to them. I would love to hear Live at Leeds, Imagine, Village Green Preservation Society, Aqualung, and the others on a turntable. Maybe this is how it happens?

ruggercb's picture

Love Fluance, I have their bipolar surrounds. I have tons of records I’ve been accumulating and would love a dedicated 2 channel system.

Baringger's picture

Fluance did it again. This setup looks great and probably sounds as good as it looks.

kevinlee2002's picture

Perfect mini system!

Qbix5683's picture

Good luck everyone!

mikerr's picture

would be Great!

Jackblues's picture

I'll take it.

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I would enjoy this!

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Perfect system

Goyoishere's picture

Kindly pick me. :)

miller68ny's picture

Heard good things about this company. Come to find out it's only 35 minutes away from me in Ontario, Canada. I have 7 other Canadian made speakers that I love so I'd love to have these to audition.

Puffer Belly's picture

I hope I win

Bschliesman's picture

I’ve been looking for an entry into vinyl at a good price/performance ratio. Looks great as well.

Tommy Lee's picture

...for the opportunity!

Jeffrey Gesten's picture

Making a space ready for it!

bradleybear904's picture

would love a set in white; even the wife digs the look

already a satisfied Fluance customer with my old SX6s on the desk

peterinvan's picture

Neat package!

herringman's picture

Looks like a nice set of features -- and affordable!

outsidepanic's picture

Please sir can I have?

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Someday I’ll win one of these....

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Let's go!

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Ooooh! Pick me, pick me, pick me! Good luck folks!

Fullcode's picture

This would be perfect for my son’s new college apartment.

Underboss2515's picture

Cool, nice present for my mother to listening to her old classic albums and 45's.

10000Daze's picture

Is a very overlooked little company. I have the SXHTB speaker set and they rock my crappy, little NYC apartment.

bigberts's picture

This setup would really upgrade my office audio setup

bigberts's picture

This setup would really upgrade my office audio setup

bigberts's picture

This setup would really upgrade my office audio setup

bigberts's picture

This setup would really upgrade my office audio setup

bigberts's picture

This setup would really upgrade my office audio setup

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"Get Ready" .......... Rayelle :-) .......

"Get Dat" ............ Rayelle :-) ........

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Oh yeah.

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I would love to win this!

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I would love this to listen to all my old records

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please give to me

seg1971's picture

Thanks for the chance.

hifiman1980's picture

Honestly never heard of them. But I want to try all major audio players.
Help me win.

wfkthree's picture

a Fluance package to my house?

murraymartini's picture

I'm in!!!

dusty's picture

Thanks for the addition to my stereo system!!!!

triforce7's picture

I've never actually owned a turntable. I've been wanting to try getting into vinyl for a while now. This would be a great start!

davidhickerson1's picture

These look great. Good bundle.

aaronchaim's picture

Fingers crossed!

IAMDRAZAC's picture

Welcome back to those that left the Vinyl world and welcome aboard to those that are now discovering it. Feel free to come by and check out this beautiful piece at our office here in Troy, MI when we receive our prizes...lol. If you cannot come by our Team will give you a detailed review

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Looks like a nice low cost set.

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nice look for a low cost set

johnnydeagle's picture

Looks like a nice system. Good luck to all the entrants.

AaronSB's picture

This would sound great in my living room!!

Brandon Iron's picture

I haven't played a record since my Technics died in 1982 (My 1969 Garrard died a few years before!). Talk about a need.

Electroliner's picture

My old Technics SL-5 "Close and Play" quit working. The Fluance would be a nice replacement!

N Evans87's picture

Twentieth times the charm!

Jkmchenry's picture

Wow, that’s an amazing price point for a high quality name!!

pmckenna3's picture

Looks great, sounds great, would love to have it..

wendigone's picture

I just painted my bedroom all white in anticipation, so I'd better win.

Alan Ross's picture

I could certainly use it.

Little Maks's picture

What a perfect little system for my vinyl collection! I know just the spot...

Philt56's picture

I’d like a new turntable

wpd332's picture

This would make a nice addition!

awmolvik's picture

Even in white, when the price is right!

Mark Hardy's picture

Its nice to see that the audio/video world hasn't forgotten about how great the sound of vinyl can be. Very pleasing to the hears and fun to use to boot. Would love to be able to play some of my master copies on the RT81.

BrucePadgett's picture

Hmmm...warm, tasty vinyl. Along with high performance speakers which won’t bankrupt anyone. Kinda makes sense, right?

zeram1's picture

Beautiful in white, wishing for the best.

flyinghigh1000's picture

haven't had a turntable in decades, still have a couple hundred records sure would be nice to hear them again

xgrifter's picture

This would be a great setup to own.

Fingers crossed.

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evankap's picture

Like me and Fluance. Just maybe we'll meet again in Paris.

kaiseruncc's picture

if it happened...

Catfish1's picture

Great contest!

Audi O.'s picture

My albums are standing by.

jlafount's picture

Replace my music system in the bedroom

barfle's picture

Let’s see if this works.

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Count me in!

susitravl's picture

My turntable died years ago and I thought I'd sell my vinyl but could never bring myself to do it. This looks like a good setup to get me going again at a reasonable price.

Jwhatti's picture

What a nice looking set up. Here’s hoping I’m lucky eniugh

dblj36's picture

I must win. I've never even heard a turntable.

Joe Golfer's picture

Looks and sounds like a great and easy way to listen to all my old vinyl.
Here's hoping I win.

MrValve's picture

Perfect for playing the White Album on

willdao's picture

Or the Black Album!

urbansteak's picture

Good luck to everyone!

CJnOC's picture

Would love to turn my son on to a nice sounding stereo system!

willdao's picture

Here goes!

eduran's picture

I've got vinyl I haven't listened to for years. Would love to have this!