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SV Staff  |  Feb 29, 2024  |  4 comments
LG has announced pricing and availability for the “QNED” series of mini-LED- and LED-backlit LCD TVs it previewed at CES 2024.
Bob Ankosko  |  Feb 28, 2024  |  2 comments
LG today announced that the opening of pre-orders with perks for the 2024 OLED evo G4 and C4 series TVs previewed last month at CES 2024 and expected to ship in late March.
Bob Ankosko  |  Feb 27, 2024  |  0 comments
Emotiva, the Tennessee-based company that prides itself on delivering high-quality speakers and audio gear at prices that don’t break the bank, today introduced a new eight-model series of timbre-matched speakers built around the same 1 x 1.25-inch folded-ribbon tweeter.
Bob Ankosko  |  Feb 27, 2024  |  2 comments
PSB is now shipping an updated and improved version of the M4U TWM wireless earbuds it announced last year.
Bob Ankosko  |  Feb 22, 2024  |  2 comments
With their latest creation, the turntable meisters at Pro-Ject have demonstrated that innovation in the age-old record-player category is still possible.
Bob Ankosko  |  Feb 22, 2024  |  2 comments
OSD Audio, the 20-year-old California-based company that prides itself on delivering quality audio gear at affordable prices, is at it again — this time with a versatile $300 stereo amplifier/DAC combo.
Bob Ankosko  |  Feb 21, 2024  |  0 comments
Sennheiser is targeting convenience and value with its newest wireless headphones.
Bob Ankosko  |  Feb 20, 2024  |  2 comments
British speaker icon KEF today announced a major expansion of its subwoofer lineup that brings a powerful new 11-Hz-capable dual-driver model into play and introduces a series of sealed subwoofers.
Bob Ankosko  |  Feb 15, 2024  |  2 comments
British audio specialist Q Acoustics today introduced a décor-friendly, two-speaker wireless music system built around the convenience of high-quality Bluetooth streaming.
Bob Ankosko  |  Feb 07, 2024  |  1 comments
JLab, the San Diego-based company known for inexpensive earbuds and headphones that mostly sell for less than $50 at Best Buy and on Amazon, has stepped out of its low-price comfort zone with a $200 set of noise-canceling wireless earbuds that are unique in the market.
Bob Ankosko  |  Jan 31, 2024  |  3 comments
Marantz just put a cherry on the top of its AV receiver lineup with the Cinema 30, a new flagship model loaded up with the bells and whistles enthusiasts love and the same classy look introduced with 2022’s Top Pick-rated Cinema 50.
SV Staff  |  Jan 30, 2024  |  0 comments
U.K.-based Naim Audio today introduced a powerful addition to its popular Uniti line of high-end streaming amplifiers.
Bob Ankosko  |  Jan 29, 2024  |  3 comments
PhaseTech, the American speaker specialist known for developing and patenting one of the world’s most widely used tweeter designs in 1967 — the soft-dome tweeter — has introduced an adjustable, three-channel soundbar that can be matched to the width and color of any TV for a seamless look.
SV Staff  |  Jan 25, 2024  |  3 comments
This story was updated on 1/27/24.

China’s Hisense is making a splash in the New Year, launching its first TV of 2024 — the 100-inch U76N — at the sharply discounted price of what was first $3,000 and, as of Friday, was dropped to $2,000.

Bob Ankosko  |  Jan 25, 2024  |  1 comments
At a time when everyone is talking about immersive audio experiences, Japan’s New Wave Maker (NWM) is going in the opposite direction with “open ear headphones” built around its proprietary Personalized Sound Zone Technology (PSZ).