CES 2010

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Tom Norton  |  Jan 07, 2010  |  First Published: Jan 08, 2010  |  2 comments
This Tokai Challenger, using Sharp solar cells, won the 2009 Global Green Challenge, an 1864 mile race across Australia. The weather was clear and sunny throughout, which was probably why they chose to race in the Australian Outback instead of from Juno to Seattle. The single seat, three wheeled car comes in any color as long as the underside is white and the top is plastered with 2176 black solar cells.
Darryl Wilkinson  |  Jan 07, 2010  |  First Published: Jan 08, 2010  |  0 comments
The Eos Converge Wireless Multi-room Audio System is a CES Innovations 2010 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree and a "Best of Innovations" winner in the Computer Accessories category. The three new models include a standalone transmitter ($99) that accepts standard analog audio or an audio signal from your computer via a USB connection, a standalone pre-amp out only receiver ($99), and a receiver with a built-in 15 watts x 2 amplifier ($149). The system uses 2.4GHz frequency transmission, has a range of approximately 150 ft, and requires virtually no setup other than plugging in the power cords (and the speaker wire, and USB cable, and audio cable).
Tom Norton  |  Jan 07, 2010  |  First Published: Jan 08, 2010  |  0 comments
Monster Cables nedw Digital Express brings wireless HDMI video connections (up to 1080p) to your current television set. You'll need cables to connect the source to the transmitter, of course, and from the receiver to the set, but in between all is wireless RF. The transmitter and one receiver package is expected to sell for $1000 later in the year when the system ships to stores. Extra receivers will run $400. The Monster's gonna get yolu whether you're wired or wireless.
Tom Norton  |  Jan 07, 2010  |  0 comments
I don't want to hear any post-show moaning about low attendance at this year's CES. They were dangling from the rafters at LG's positively immense booth.
Tom Norton  |  Jan 07, 2010  |  0 comments
LG's pencil-thin, Ultra Slim LED backlit LCD HDTV was drawing a fair share of the crowds.
Tom Norton  |  Jan 07, 2010  |  0 comments
We've missed Optoma's engaging big-screen demos the past few shows, but we had to miss them again this year. The featured attractions here were several project 3D demos using video projectors. Unfortunately, they were disappointing compared to the 3D demos elsewhere at the show, with decent 3D effects but noticeably compromised resolution.
Tom Norton  |  Jan 07, 2010  |  0 comments
The audience is all ears listening to the flagship home theater system from Swans (more below), via Arcadia of California via Hi-Vi in China. For those who are interested, they were listening to Yanni Live at Mandalay Bay on a multichannel DVD.
Tom Norton  |  Jan 07, 2010  |  0 comments
This is the system to which the crowd in the above photo were paying rapt attention. Or rather the left and right speakers in that system (my photo of the entire system didn't fare well).
Tom Norton  |  Jan 07, 2010  |  0 comments
The M6HT system from Swans is more modest than the 2.3B system described above, but just as classy in its solid wood threads. Unfortunately, however, it was not on demo.
Tom Norton  |  Jan 07, 2010  |  1 comments
A few years back the maker of Energy and Mirage speakers, Audio Products International, was bought by Klipsch. Then a company celled Gentec International gobbled up all three brands. Unfortunately, Energy and Mirage went through the succeeding years with little new of interest to the serious audiophile. A shame, because the Energy Veritas v2.8 from 1994 remains one of my all time favorite (and underappreciated speakers). I still own a pair and although they were never ready for home theater (a matching center channel was never made for the original Veritas'). I break them out every time I need a (still excellent) 2-channel referenced. That's not often these days, but as little as time as they get in my listening room they aren't going anywhere.
Darryl Wilkinson  |  Jan 07, 2010  |  0 comments
With an ad campaign and slogan like this, you'd never guess that one of the products this company makes is a Touch Pad Digital Bible Reader. No, seriously. (They also make digital media players, digital video recorders, and digital picture frames.)
Darryl Wilkinson  |  Jan 07, 2010  |  0 comments
The Sound Egg is a complete 5.1 personal surround sound chair with five speakers and an integrated 10-inch subwoofer under the seat. The company says "the chair is a mobile acoustic chamber that will give you the most realistic sound in audio technology with a full 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency spectrum." The Sound Egg chair is available in a variety of colors for $1,450 (shipping included).
Darryl Wilkinson  |  Jan 07, 2010  |  0 comments
From the same booth offering X-ray vision for your cell phone camera. I like the fact that handcuffs are one of the items you'll learn how to pick.
Darryl Wilkinson  |  Jan 07, 2010  |  0 comments
So, I was just thinking the other day, "If only I had X-ray vision for my cell phone camera."
Mark Fleischmann  |  Jan 07, 2010  |  1 comments
We hope Bowers & Wilkins will forgive us for using the once ubiquitous acronym B&W – we are old fashioned that way. Any changes in the company's world-beating 800 line, lately known as the Diamond Series, qualifies as major news. The original 13 models have been reduced to 7 ranging in price from $2500 to $24,000. Lineup is what you see here plus two centers not pictured. New stuff includes new crossovers, magnets, gloss black finish, and every model has the cool Diamond tweeter.