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Barry Willis sorts out the plusses and minuses fo the <A HREF="/surroundsoundpreampprocessors/1003parasound">Parasound Halo C 2 and Halo A 51 surround processor & 5-channel power amplifier</A>. BW notes, "Five years in development, the company's Halo C2 surround processor is a brilliantly executed piece of technology."

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Joel Brinkley gets his hands on the <A HREF="/accessories/1003faroudja">Faroudja PlasmaSync 42MP4 & Native Rate Series Digital Cinema Source plasma display & DVD player-digital video processor</A> and puts it to the test. Combine a NEC plasma display with Faroudja processing and you get "an intriguing product for review," says JB.

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CRT projector beater? Peter Putman gets to light up the <A HREF="/videoprojectors/1003yamaha">Yamaha DPX-1000 DLP projector</A> to see what the latest HD2 chipped designs can do. "It presents a mixed bag of operating features and performance that succeeds well in some ways, not so well in others," comments PP.

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The demand for HDTV is growing faster than that for broadband services. One result is that more satellites may soon be converted for <A HREF="http://www.directv.com">DirecTV</A> high-definition broadcasting.

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<A HREF="http://www.tivo.com">TiVo, Inc</A>. is enjoying its best season yet. The San Jose, CA&ndash;based maker of digital video recorders (DVRs) announced November 4 that subscriptions for its service have exceeded the one million mark and are on course for further growth during the coming holiday season.

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John J. Gannon checks out the <A HREF="/surroundsoundpreampprocessors/1003integra">Integra Research RDC-7 Preamplifier-Processor</A> and opines, "I'm happy to report that Integra Research has actually delivered."

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Convergence is upon us. Technology long associated with information processing is increasingly a part of many people's home entertainment experience.

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Audio industry pioneer Jim Fosgate has joined an elite group of engineers and scientists who have made significant contributions to the advancement of television technology.

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Thomas J. Norton takes a spin with the <A HREF="/videoprojectors/1003sharp">SharpVision XV-Z10000U DLP projector</A>, which features Texas Instrument's latest HD2 digital micromirror device. After seeing four HD2 projectors, TJN explains why the Sharp "just might have edged its way to the front of the pack."

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The Home Technology & Photography Group (HT&P) of Primedia and website <A HREF="http://BestStuff.com">BestStuff.com</A> announced today the launch of <I>Best</I>, a shopping magazine focused on the products and experiences that enhance an upscale lifestyle. <I>Best</I>, which hits newsstands on Thursday, November 6 at a $3.99 cover price, is an "aspirational" magazine which offers features ranging from the selection and use of home theaters and high-end audio and video systems, to digital photography, computers, and video imaging products, as well as the finest in automobiles and ultimate travel suggestions.