Peter Pachal

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Virtually every company, brand, and industry coalition that attends the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas takes the opportunity to lay claim to the most "remarkable," "groundbreaking," or-three cheers for everyone's favorite-"innovative" developments at CES. Of course, they can't all be right.
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Samsung was one of several companies that featured Blu-ray DVD technology, which is designed to store HDTV programming on disc. Don't hold your breath for products. day1-5 Sony showed a prototype Blu-ray DVD recorder.

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Rockford Corporation, which owns such brands as Rockford Fosgate, Lightning Audio, and MB Quart, used CES 2003 to showcase its newest member, NHT, and promote home-network products made by Rockford's new partner, SimpleDevices. Formerly owned by Recoton, speaker maker NHT used its CES limelight to promote its modular Evolution line and that line's latest addition, the on-wall L5 speaker.
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Declaring "it's about the music," Sirius satellite radio today unveiled its plans for 2003, which include dedicated home tuners and nine new music channels, while its competitor, XM Satellite Radio, touted its 360,000-strong subscriber base as evidence of its vitality.
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Given that Spider-Man has been spinning his webs in comic books for almost 40 years, it's about time the wall-crawler made the leap to the big screen. Besides starring in his own flick this spring, Spidey has his sticky fingers into - appropriately enough - the World Wide Web.