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Clearly embedded somewhere in America's national psyche is an obsession with getting thin. How else do you explain both the celebrity of Nicole Richie and the craze for flat-panel TVs? In fact, with the increased focus on TVs slim enough to be mounted on a wall, the environment for rear-projection HDTVs has gotten a lot tougher.

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Without some form of protection, gear can be damaged or even destroyed by power surges - short bursts of voltage that exceed the U.S. standard of 120 volts.
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If you've ever wondered whether it's worth it to splurge for premium audio and video cables, join the club. Given the Viagra-like claims of enhancement made by some manufacturers, it's often hard to separate the science from the fiction.

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Surge protectors - or, more precisely, transient-voltage surge suppressors - are becoming a necessary part of any home theater.

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