|  Jan 09, 2011  |  0 comments
Vuzix’s new “augmented reality” glasses have tiny video cameras on the front and small high-resolution display screens (one for each eye) behind. The setup allows virtual images to be laid over 3D video of the real world captured by the front-facing cameras. Potential applications could include virtual instruction manuals or training videos.
 |  Sep 26, 2010  |  0 comments
Relatively new TV wall mounts company, WallWizard showed off their many minimal (materials and cost) mounts for flat-panel TVs. The new XM series of mounts are capable of holding 26-inch to 60-inch TVs (depending on the model of TV) and incorporate a special cam mechanism that allows the TV to be swiveled 90 degrees left and right, or tilted up and down +3/-15 degrees up and down with one hand – or even, the company claims, one finger. In addition to the much better than average articulation, the WallWizard mounts also sell for a much lower than average price. The $109 XM37 holds TVs up to 50 pounds, while the $249 XM60 supports up to 120 pounds. Both models are UL certified and carry WallWizard’s $10,000 equipment protection program.