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Last week, <A HREF="">Zenith Electronics</A> and <A HREF="">NxtWave Communications</A> announced they have finalized their agreement to jointly develop compatible enhancements to the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) DTV standard. The companies had previously responded separately to the ATSC's "VSB Enhancements" Request for Proposals (RFP).

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With some manufacturers pushing prices down in the 60" plasma display market (see <A HREF="">previous</A>), <A HREF="">Runco</A> is pushing the performance and price edge even higher with its introduction of a new 61" diagonal widescreen plasma monitor with outboard video processor.

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Last week <A HREF="">Broadcom</A>, <A HREF="">Genesis Microchip</A>, and <A HREF="">Texas Instruments</A> announced the introduction of what they describe as a cross-platform digital interconnect standard for the consumer electronics industry and an extension of the Digital Visual Interface (DVI) version 1.0. The companies say that this new standard encompasses the necessary requirements for a "superior digital interconnect technology" used in a variety of consumer electronics such as DVD players, high definition television, and digital set-top boxes.

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First we had Dolby Digital with 5.1 channels (five speakers plus one subwoofer) for DVDs, then the THX and Dolby Digital <A HREF="">Surround EX</A> 6.1 format, which added a center channel in the rear. Now comes word that <A HREF="">THX</A> is ready to start certifying 7.1 channels with their new Ultra2 format.

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In a low-key rollout last week, <A HREF="">HDNet</A>, which bills itself as "the world's only all-high definition national television network", went live on DirecTV channel 199 with a broadcast of the Minnesota Twins at Texas Rangers. HDNet, with offices in Dallas and Denver, says that this is the first of 15 Major League Baseball games it intends to air throughout the month.

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It ranks as many movie buffs' best film of all time, and has landed at the top of the American Film Institute's list of the 100 Greatest American Movies, but until now, you could not get it on DVD. The film, of course, is <I>Citizen Kane</I>, Orson Welles' Academy-Award-winning masterwork credited with expanding film-making frontiers like no other movie in history.

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Last week, Faroudja's parent company, <A HREF="">Sage</A>, announced that it has launched a "video quality certification program" that authorizes the use of the Faroudja "Flying P" logo and trademark to certified licensees for product placement, literature, and packaging.

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In the world of video-on-demand broadcast over the Internet, MPEG-4 video codec DivX (not to be confused with the <A HREF="">previous Circuit City fiasco</A> of the same name) has emerged as one of the more popular video compression technologies. Last week, <A HREF="">DivXNetworks</A> announced that DivX 4.0, the newest version of the codec (compressor/decompressor), is now available for download at its website.

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High definition television is struggling to get off the ground with the hesitant support of local, cable, and satellite broadcasters. But as readers revealed in an <A HREF="">online <I>SGHT</I> poll</A> a while back, what would really give HDTV a kick in the pants would be a high definition playback medium&mdash;something like an HD-DVD.

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Last week, <A HREF="">CBS</A> and <A HREF="">Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America</A> (MDEA) announced that they have entered into an agreement by which MDEA will sponsor high definition coverage of the semi-finals and finals of the 2001 US Open Tennis Championships. It is the third consecutive year MDEA has sponsored CBS's HDTV coverage of the US Open. According to CBS, this year's coverage will feature the HD primetime broadcast of the Women's Final on Saturday evening, September 8.