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Ok, I know, that force reference was probably lame even when George Lucas actually was the principal owner in THX. But I'm running out of ways to hype new flat panels!
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Editor Guy Disclaimer: Our web monkey hates stock photos at trade shows, so in my defense here I'll merely state that you need to know about this right away, no product was shown at the press conference, and the lighting conditions were hideous. I have pictures, and they're horrible.
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There's not much of a kind way to state our fascination with seeing how Toshiba would respond to this latest turn in the format war, Warner's move to exclusive Blu-ray support in 2008. On a primal level it feels almost like that guilty rubber-necking at a car wreck on the road. However, Toshiba's HD DVD point person Jodi Sally got up and out in front of the press straight away at Toshiba's conference and put on a very brave face in recounting HD DVD's successes.
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The CES 2008 news is all Blu so far. Disney announced its first classic animation title, Sleeping Beauty, which wil join Pixar's Finding Nemo on Blu-ray Disc in 2008.
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The biggest news of CES 2008 landed yesterday with Warner's announcement that it is moving to exclusive Blu-ray support by June of 2008. Yesterday's news was that New Line and HBO (distributed by Warner) aren't yet officially attached to this strategy, but stories circulating the 'net today say New Line is already falling into line with Warner's HD strategy.
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Those of you that have scrolled down the home page and read this <A HREF="">press release</A> have figured out by now why I've been incomunicado here in the Blogosphere. And the news is true: I'm pulling up stakes and taking the editorial reins at Home Theater Magazine. But this just goodbye, not farewell (or vice versa, however that goes!).

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Way back when, say July of this year, the holiday shopping season seemed poised to be make or break time for the format war, and HD DVD in particular. Blu-ray was rolling along, outselling HD DVD handily in software, and looking to a holiday season with a broad number of exclusive to the format titles that would mop the floor with poor HD DVD, and leave it in the scrap heap next to the BetaMax.

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First, we're going to be moving servers and doing a number of other things behind the scenes here, so don't look for a Blog update from me until at least Black Friday, November 23rd (provided all goes well of course!).

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If you build them (and sell them really cheap), will they come? Toshiba is sure as hell hoping so. And no, I"m not talking about consumers. We know that around 100,00 of them will show up. I'm talking about the studios.

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News worthy of comment has been slow. So, here are some quick shots. Chime in if you have anything on any of these quick shots to the solar plexus.