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In Mira Nair's (Monsoon Wedding) adaptation 19th-century Europe meets the cultural vibrancy of India. Reese Witherspoon stars as the ambitious heroine, Becky Sharp, one of literature's most intriguing and complex female characters. With nothing but wit, beauty, and sensuality at her disposal, Sharp travels on her scheme-filled journey to the height of society, only to find that the destination is as morally low as the gutter from which she came. Gabriel Bryne joins the cast as the devious Marquess of Steyne, along with James Purefoy as Rawdon Crawley. Witherspoon's performance is short of convincing, lacking a smooth transition from coyish girl to brazen coquette.
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Sometimes the most memorable thing about a movie is its music. The Bodyguard is a prime example, and Warner Bros. celebrates its 13-year anniversary with a new two-disc Special Edition. Whitney Houston stars as Rachel Marron, a singing superstar whose life is threatened by a mysterious stalker. Frank Farmer (Kevin Costner), a former secret service agent, is hired as Rachel's reluctant bodyguard. The story starts off slow and in some ways is predictable, but the momentum eventually picks up and becomes an interesting whodunit to the very end. The romantic connection between Rachel and Frank isn't always convincing. Essentially, you are left with a moving story about a woman and the man who protects her.
Aimee Giron  |  Jan 11, 2005  |  Published: Jan 12, 2005  |  0 comments

<I>Barret Oliver, Michael McKean, Mary Beth Hurt, Colleen Camp, Josef Sommer, Kathryn Walker, Danny Corkill. Directed by Simon Wincer. Aspect ratio: 1.85:1 (anamorphic). Dolby Digital Surround, Dolby Digital Mono. 100 minutes. 1985. Paramount 01810. PG. $14.99.</I>

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<I>Steve Martin, Bonnie Hunt, Tom Welling, Piper Perabo, Hilary Duff. Directed by Shawn Levy. Aspect ratios: 1.85:1 (widescreen), 4:3 (full-screen). Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround (English, French, Spanish). 106 minutes. 2004. Fox Home Entertainment 2221608. PG. $29.98.</I>

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<I>Angelina Jolie, Gerard Butler, Chris Barrie, Noah Taylor, Ciarn Hinds, Djimon Hounson. Directed by Jan de Bont. Aspect ratio: 16:9 (anamorphic). Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround (English, French). 117 minutes. 2003. Paramount 340724. PG-13. $29.99.</I>

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<I>Voices of Miyoko Shoji, Shozo Iizuka, Hisako Kyoda. Directed by Satoshi Kon. Aspect ratio: 1.78:1 (anamorphic). Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround (Japanese, with English and French subtitles). 87 minutes. 2003. DreamWorks Home Entertainment 90393. PG. $19.95.</I>

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<I>Aspect ratio: 4:3. Dolby Digital 5.1 (English). Two discs. Mute 92189. NR. $20.98.</I>