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 |  Feb 23, 2003  |  0 comments

From the January issue, Peter Putman lights up the <A HREF="">Epson America PowerLite TW100 LCD front projector</A> to see if real home theater projectors exist at under five grand. As Putman notes, "Epson's entrance into the home-theater projector arena has long been anticipated."

 |  Oct 06, 2002  |  0 comments

For loudspeaker buffs, we've added Wes Phillips' review of the <A HREF="">M&K S-150 THX surround loudspeaker system</A> and Tom Norton's reviews of the <A HREF="">Revel Home Theater</A>, <A HREF="">Vandersteen Audio Music-and-Cinema loudspeaker system</A>, and <A HREF="">Pioneer Elite Reference loudspeaker system</A>.

 |  Aug 18, 2002  |  0 comments

Michael Fremer meets up with the <A HREF="">Kenwood Sovereign VR-5900 audio/video receiver</A> and reports whether or not a curvaceous all-in-one receiver can float his home theater boat.

 |  Dec 08, 2003  |  0 comments

Steven Stone takes on not one, not two, but three video processors: the <A HREF="/accessories/1003DVDO">DVDO iScan Ultra, DreamVision Optimizer, and Focus Enhancements CenterStage CS-1</A>. After several hours of screen time, SS finds that only one of the trio deserves your hard-earned cash and explains why.

 |  Sep 08, 2002  |  0 comments

The world is full of millions of DVDs, so <I>SGHT</I>'s editors have sorted through the piles and come up with <A HREF="">2001: A DVD Odyssey</A>. Over 80 DVD reviews in one place, with ratings for sound, picture, and content.

 |  Jan 19, 2003  |  0 comments

Steven Stone fires up the <A HREF="">SIM2 Grand Cinema HT300 DLP video projector</A> and explains why "DLP projectors are the future."

 |  Mar 22, 2004  |  0 comments

Robert Deutsch listens to Danish home theater when he sets up the <A HREF="/surroundsoundpreampprocessors/104primare">Primare SP31.7 preamp-processor & A30.5 Mk.II five-channel amplifier</A> combo in his system. Although its dark and alluring looks caught his eye, RD comments, "as we shall see, that beauty is not just skin deep."

 |  Feb 09, 2003  |  0 comments

Michael Fremer wires up the <A HREF="">Cambridge SoundWorks Newton Series T500 surround speaker system</A> and sits down to a full schedule of movies and music. MF reveals that the Cambridge engineers had their audio hearts in <I>most</I> of the right places.

 |  Nov 17, 2002  |  0 comments

Thomas J. Norton takes a look at the huge <A HREF="">Fujitsu Plasmavision SlimScreen PDS-6101 high-definition plasma display</A>. As TJN notes, this 61" flat screen presents an enormous picture in an easy-to-manage slim package. But he finds there might be a peeve or two among the pixels.

 |  Aug 03, 2003  |  0 comments

Thomas J. Norton hopes you don't peek at the product's price before reading his reveiw of the expensive <A HREF="">Mark Levinson No. 40 preamplifier-processor</A>. But even if you do, TJN notes "there's real value in knowing what's possible at the very tip of the home theater pyramid."