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 |  Sep 14, 2006  |  Published: Sep 15, 2006  |  0 comments

Here's another shot of the Meridian-Faroudja 1920x1080 DILA1080MF-1 LCoS projector, which was used in conjunction with the company's DVP1080MF scaler to produce some of the best-looking images at the show. At $26,000 (for projector and scaler) it had to, considering the strong competition being offered by a flood of new 1080p digital projectors of all terchnological stripes. The demo also featured in-wall speakers from Meridian, the first time to my knowledge that the company has demonstrated in-walls in a trade show setting. It was also the first time they have used a perforated Studiotek 130, 110 inch) screen.

 |  Sep 16, 2006  |  0 comments

Smyth Researth has been showing their headphone surround simulation technology (Smyth Virtual Surround or SVS) for a couple of CEDIAs now, and it looks like it is about to come to market.

 |  Sep 16, 2006  |  4 comments

I spent the better part of an hour in several separate visits watching the new Sony VPL-VW50 SXRD 1080p projector. While one could argue that there were better images to be seen at the show (comparing projectors under show conditions, with different screens sizes, materials, and different program material is a nearly hopeless exercise), there were only a few that could compete in the Sony's price range. The above screen shot won't really tell the whole story (screen shots are also an iffy thing) but I'll go with it anyway. The odd shape is simply due to limitations in the camera positioning. The image was a true rectangle. Honest.