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Barry Willis Posted: Jan 02, 2000 0 comments

A Santa Clara County Superior Court judge has denied a request for a temporary restraining order against 72 computer enthusiasts brought by the DVD Copy Control Association. The computer folk were accused of distributing a string of code, called DeCSS, that enables them to play DVD movies on Linux-based machines and thereby violate intellectual property laws. Linux is user-developed software widely perceived as a possible competitor to Microsoft's Windows.

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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Oct 06, 2008 0 comments
A judge has issued a restraining order halting the sales of RealDVD, the DVD-copying application from RealNetworks. Well, that was quick.
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SV Staff Posted: Jul 08, 2016 0 comments
Dashbon Flicks Boombox Projector
Many of today’s Bluetooth speakers have put a new face on the classic boombox, but Flicks pushes the concept to its logical conclusion: a portable movie theater! Measuring 11.7 x 5.3 x 6.5 inches, this boombox packs an LED-based, 720p DLP projector that can display a 100-inch image from just over 8 feet away, plus the requisite speakers—in this case, two full-range drivers plus a “subwoofer” and bass radiator.
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SV Staff Posted: Jul 29, 2016 0 comments
As you savor every moment of a summer in full swing and get ready to head out for the weekend, why not take a minute to scan our Top Picks for the month of July. More than one of ’em are road worthy. Like Optoma’s awesome micro projector that weighs less than a pound and fits in the palm of your hand or the sleek music player from Questyle that puts studio sound quality in your pocket or Mass Fidelity’s outstanding battery-powered Bluetooth speaker. Need a set of killer earphones? Check out the four-star-rated Cardas A8’s. And for when you’re back at home we offer up two very different yet very special tower speakers for your consideration—both guaranteed to bring pleasure with movies and music.
SV Staff Posted: Jul 02, 2016 Published: Jul 01, 2016 0 comments
As we head into a long, lazy July 4th Weekend, we’ve encapsulated a formidable list of recent Top Picks. Half of our Picks are devoted to an eclectic mix of wireless speakers, including one built for use outdoors. The other half includes what may be the world’s best TV, a couple of high-end headphones, a bad-ass budget subwoofer, a crazy cool micro tube amp, and an awesome AVR. Enjoy the holiday…and the gear.
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SV Staff Posted: Dec 08, 2008 0 comments
  This world has enough problems without a DVD/VCR combo that upscales to 1080P. Have you actually watched a VHS tape lately on your new HDTV? As if those family videos of uncle Bob in a Speedo weren't horrifying enough, now we're...
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SV Staff Posted: Aug 03, 2010 0 comments
3D movies have simultaneously reached their apex and nadir. Canadian teen pop sensation Justin Bieber is getting his own feature-length, widespread-release documentary film, and it's going to be in 3D. It gets weirder, too. Paramount is in talks...
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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Feb 04, 2008 0 comments
Add JVC and Funai to the growing list of companies partnering to make the best of the booming but volatile flat-panel TV market.
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Posted: May 19, 2002 0 comments

Home theater fans will enjoy perusing <A HREF="">JVC</A>'s new video products&mdash;especially its combination digital TV decoder and high-def&ndash;capable hard disk recorder, due at dealers this fall.

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HT Staff Posted: Sep 07, 2001 0 comments
Here comes something custom-made for real HDTV fans: a recorder with full HD capability.
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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Oct 09, 2007 0 comments
If doubling the refresh rate of an LCD to avoid motion artifacts is a good idea, is tripling it an even better idea? Showgoers at Japan's CEATEC show got an eyeful of a JVC prototype last week that does just that.
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Posted: Feb 16, 2004 0 comments

<A HREF="">JVC</A> should soon release its CU-VH1, a portable high-definition player/recorder intended to complement the company's GR-HD1 and JY-HD10 HDTV camcorders.

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Posted: Dec 19, 1999 0 comments

Last week, JVC Americas announced that it has consolidated its projector operations&mdash;both JVC-branded projection systems and Hughes-JVC-branded systems&mdash;into <A HREF="">JVC Professional Products Company</A>, and will develop and market all future projection systems under the JVC brand. The company says that this consolidation will result in the creation of a new Visual Systems Division, effective next month. JVC says it hopes that the reorganized company will grow its projection-display business by more than 15% in the year 2000.

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SV Staff Posted: Dec 12, 2008 0 comments
Sure, plenty of manufacturers are following the latest ENERGY STAR 3.0 standards. We applaud everyone for their efforts. The planet thanks you. However, JVC is taking it a few steps further. Further than they have to. JVC's latest LCD TVs are...
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Jon Iverson Posted: Jul 15, 2001 0 comments

Last week <A HREF="">JVC</A> announced that the final touches have been applied and the D'Ahlia 61" D-ILA hologram HDTV rear projection television (official model number AV-61S902) has begun shipping to several retailers nationwide and will soon be available to consumers at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $13k.