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Sony's first Super Audio CD players were audio-only machines that did not play back DVD-Video discs. Fair enough—those machines were aimed at the top of the high-end audiophile market, and were priced accordingly. But with the DVP-S9000ES—the first DVD player to carry Sony's upscale "ES" badge—we have not only a first-class SACD player, but one priced within the reach of many home-theater enthusiasts.

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Because of manufacturing and publishing lead times, Christmas-season products are shown in June. That's when I had my first encounter with the Philips 55PP9701—at a line show, a press event at which a company shows its entire line of new products. There the 55PP9701 was, along with Philips' new light bulbs, shavers, blood-pressure monitors, and budget-priced A/V receivers.

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Are you a cable or dish person? Apparently, the answer to this question says a lot about how you watch TV. According to a recently released report, cable and satellite operators will need to consider their customers' specific interests and usage behavior in order to thrive in the emerging interactive TV market.

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Last week, several companies announced what they describe as a "unique, innovative project which will demonstrate the future of home entertainment." The project, named "CompleteTV," is intended to enable 20 families in Raleigh, North Carolina to take part in a pilot program beginning during the second quarter of 2001, giving them access to a home entertainment "experience" which will attempt to combine the worlds of broadcast HD programming and Internet-based information and entertainment.

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Direct satellite broadcaster <A HREF="">DirecTV</A> has gone on the offensive against piracy by unplugging freeloaders and by installing copy protection circuitry in its latest set-top boxes.

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Want to build a <I>real</I> home theater? With a film projector and a really huge screen? You may get your chance to buy some excellent theater equipment at bargain prices in the coming months. Hundreds of theaters nationwide will be closed to cope with the current oversupply, according to January announcements from some of the biggest theater operators in the US.

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Sunday, January 28 is notable for being Super Bowl Sunday, arguably the biggest US holiday. It's also a significant date in the development of high definition television, because it is the first day that a local broadcaster began airing news shot, edited, and played back on HD equipment.

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Speaking last week at a meeting of the Association of Local Television Stations (ALTV) in Las Vegas, <A HREF="">Consumer Electronics Association</A>'s Gary Shapiro announced that actual unit sales to dealers (not to end consumers) of digital television (DTV) displays and integrated sets reached 648,429 in 2000, surpassing earlier industry estimates and accounting for $1.4 billion. Shapiro says that these figures represent more than 400% growth over 1999 sales. In addition, 36,794 stand-alone set-top receivers were sold to dealers in 2000, says Shapiro.

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Audiophiles and musicians have long relied on vacuum tubes as a way to add some sweetness to the sound of their equipment. Home theater fans seeking the same benefit have had to resort to multiple amplifiers, an expensive and space-intensive solution.
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Only a handful of companies have successfully made and marketed both electronics and loudspeakers, but Krell Industries intends to do just that. The legendary electronics maker has introduced new high-performance loudspeaker system designated the "Lossless Acoustic Transducer" (LAT) Series. The new speakers made their official debut at the 2001 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.