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Pioneer sure packed an awful lot of stuff into its new A/V receiver, the Elite VSX-74TXVi, beginning with the mouthful of letters in its model name. Far more engaging is its iPod connectivity: this is the first receiver we've seen to offer fully integrated control for Apple's ubiquitous iPod music player.

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A superb first effort, this HDTV offers premium image quality and the most complete feature set a fu
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Audiophiles and musicians alike will recognize the name Tannoy from the pro-sound world - the company's speakers are used in recording studios around the globe. So I was surprised to see speakers from such a serious outfit show up in a funky, fun package like the Arena system. The Arena's podlike satellites owe a debt to 1970s sci-fi style: think rounded, organic, and amoeboid.

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You've made three El Mariachi and three Spy Kids films, and now I hear you're making Sin City 2 and Sin City 3. What is it about trilogies that you find so attractive? I was glad when I did Once Upon a Time in Mexico because it made El Mariachi and Desperado feel more complete to me.

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VIDEO PERFORMANCE Color temperature (Ideal color temperature and contrast before calibration/User color temperature and Ideal contrast after calibration) Low window (30-IRE): 7,534/6,477 K High window (80-IRE): 7,385/6,556 K Brightness (100-IRE window before/after calibration): 51.4/48.5 ftL

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Director Garth Jennings has plenty of fun wit
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"Home theater in a box" - to me, that phrase conjures up cheap, all-in-one packages with a combo DVD player/receiver, tiny speakers, and an underpowered amp crammed into a "bass module." But it can also be stretched to mean a high-quality system whose components are designed to work together in a turn-key fashion, which saves you from racking your brains about which receiver goes best with what

Sol Louis Siegel  |  Oct 02, 2005  |  0 comments
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In this impressive dramatization of the fall of Berlin in 1945, Hitler
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The acid test for any movie-related documentary in 2005 is clear: Do
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