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Would a DVDO by another name smell as sweet? DVDO, the company that years ago made waves in the industry by offering a $500 line doubler at a time when line doublers cost $10k and up, is now DVDO <I>Powered by Anchor Bay Technologies</I> (ABT). The parent companies associated with the DVDO brand name seem to come and go, but the constants that remain are remarkable performance and features at reasonable prices. The DVDO iScan VP30 looks to continue that trend.

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Fred Manteghian Posted: Nov 06, 2005 0 comments

Before the advent of Tivo and cable TV’s equivalent, video-on-demand, getting comfortable with a new television series in September was something of a crap shoot. If you missed the first couple of episodes of a new show before you heard good things about it from friends, you could either jump in late without the knowledge of the usually critical first few weeks, or you could wait until the summer rerun season and start afresh. I completely missed the boat on the first three seasons of “24,” forcing me to take a third, and costlier, path: TV on DVD. In the case of a highly addictive show like “24,” the ability to watch 2 or 4 episodes in one sitting more than compensated for the cost of the discs. This year, however, I planned well, and my Directv Tivo box made the new season easy to manage.

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Ken C. Pohlmann Posted: Nov 05, 2005 0 comments

Ah, the sweet smell of vindication. There's nothing better than seeing things turn out exactly like you said they would, particularly when it happens despite the skepticism of others. As I predicted, the Celestial Jukebox is open for business. Sometime ago, a few of us foresaw the day that music lovers would be able to quickly access every piece of music ever recorded.

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Twin Cinema Matador
Music •••½ Sound •••½
After two sets of fizzy hooks and classic pop homages (thre
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Tecmo (Xbox)
Game •••• Graphics/Sound ••••½
It seems that even a box of Boo Berry can be slapped with a "Special Edition" label these days - and this juiced-up version
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Digital amplifiers are nothing new - they've been around for years in powered subwoofers and, more recently, home theater box systems. But standalone digital receivers are a somewhat new revelation.

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What We Think
RCA's 50-inch Scenium isn't perfect but still delivers plenty of bang for the buck.
If you've been reading Sound & Vision,
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When Sony debuted its $27,000 SXRD (Silicon X-tal Reflective Display) front projector a couple of years back, my first thought after drooling over its fine, filmlike picture was: They'll really have something if they can get this technology into a TV that sells for a few thousand dollars.

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Talk about A road to nowhere ... I'm sitting in Sterling Sound, one of the foremost mastering studios in New York City (make that "the world"). And everywhere I look, I see a high-tech wonderland - except outside the huge window, where everyone can see the remnants of the High Line.