This Week Around the Web, June 17th Edition

Roger Ebert finds a cool infographic on PC people and Mac people. Mac users are hipsters, PC users are...conservatives?

Geoff suffers the agony of E3 to try out the best upcoming video games while Brent checks out Hi-Fi at T.H.E. Show.

Steve Guttenberg finds what he thinks might be a contender for the world's best headphones.

Think music is dead? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, could this be the future of the music industry? The awesome Julia Nunes is having her next album financed by her fans... ahead of time.

Want something free instead? Geoff wrote up a great guide on how to get free HDTV for, ahem, a different website.

Speaking of free, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is un-hiatused and releasing a new album this fall. Get a track for free.

In the almost-free category, Brent reviews some speakers that are $34.50 a pair for the first entry in his and Geoff's Tech^2 blog. While you're at it, check out his take on how many subwoofers you should have. Hint, it's more than 1, probably.

And in the random category, the title of this video is "Is this even real?" - and we couldn't have said it better.