Oakley Intros $150 Special-Edition Tron 3D Glasses

Paying $150 for a pair of 3D glasses isn't crazy. In fact, that's right around going rate for most active shutter specs. However, there's nothing active at all about these Oakley 3D shades, which celebrate the upcoming release of Disney's re-imagined, Tron. That's right, they serve the same purpose as those free, recyclable ones you're getting used to wearing at the cinema.

The frames are based around Oakley's popular Gascans, which have been decorated with some vaguely Tron-themed graphics. The lenses, however, use HDO-3D technology, which Oakley claims has made them the first "optically correct 3D eyewear on Earth." They also claim to have pretty much eradicated the dreaded crosstalk phenomenon.

Unlike the cheap-o pairs, the lenses in the Gascans are curved to offer a wider field of view without adding any distortion, which is actually a nice feature. 

Ultimately, you'd have to be kind of a fanatic to actually plunk down $150 for a pair of these, the press release does mention that Oakley is currently in talks with other manufacturers about making future pairs that will work in the home. Until then, we'll stick to the free ones.