Industry Leader Maureen Jenson new Editor at Large of SGHT

Jeannie Kane, publisher of Stereophile Guide to Home Theater, is very pleased to announce the appointment of Maureen C. Jenson as Editor at Large, effective March 9, 1998. This appointment coincides with the launch of the Guide's new custom-installation section, which will debut in the June 1998 issue.

"Custom installation is the fastest-growing segment of the industry," notes Kane, "and there is no more accomplished journalist in that segment than Maureen Jenson. We are excited and honored to have her join our team. The addition of Maureen to our staff is yet another illustration of our commitment to lead the home-theater market. I am confident that she will lead our new performance-based installation section with the same dedication to excellence that she has demonstrated throughout her career in the industry."

Jenson is best known from her previous role as editor of Audio Video Interiors, where she shaped the magazine both editorially and aesthetically for eight years. She has served as a panelist for the National Endowment for the Arts in Washington, DC, and as a panel expert for the Seventh Annual Discover Awards for Technological Innovation.

"I am delighted to be working with [Guide Editor] Larry Ullman, Jeannie Kane, and [Guide Advertising Representative] Angela Stolfi again," Jenson says. "Larry and I edited Audio Video Interiors together from 1991 through 1993, and I enjoyed every minute of it. In addition, it will be tremendously gratifying to contribute to a publication of the caliber of the Guide. I've tracked the magazine's progress closely, and I'm extremely impressed with the level of journalism and skill that Larry and his team bring to its pages each month. As Editor at Large, I plan to bring my own perspective on the custom design and installation segment of the consumer-electronics industry to a publication that has already proved itself to be an industry leader."