Caddyshack Special Edition set for April 6 Release

Not exactly April Fools' Day, but close: Warner Home Video announced last Tuesday that it will celebrate the annual Masters Golf Tournament with a reissue of the 1980 film Caddyshack on April 6. The Special Edition reissue package will include the original comedy starring Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Murray, Ted Knight, and Cindy Morgan, as well as Caddyshack: The 19th Hole, a new documentary including outtakes, rare footage, and interviews with the film's stars, producers Jon Peters and Mark Canton, and director Harold Ramis. Fans will also learn more than they ever wanted to know about Bill Murray's nemesis in the film, the indestructible gopher.

Caddyshack was based on the boyhood experiences of writer Brian Doyle-Murray, who worked as a caddy at suburban Chicago's Indian Hills country club. His younger brother, Bill Murray, was an assistant groundskeeper for the Evanston Country Club in Indiana.

Warner Home Video has teamed up with golf-equipment maker Dunlop, PGA National Resort & Spa, Golf Magazine, and the Florida Tourism Board for the Caddyshack Special Edition offering. Each video will include a sweepstakes entry, a free Dunlop golf ball mail-in offer, a $5 mail-in rebate on the purchase of any Special Edition title from WHV, and a free gear bag with the purchase of a discounted Golf Magazine subscription.

Other features include the original theatrical trailer, a limited-edition mini-lobby-card reprint, a new digital transfer, and a collectible modified-clamshell package. A coupon booklet bundled with the video will offer discounts on Continental Airlines tickets, a free CD sampler from Warner Music Group, and a buy-three/get-one-free deal on Warner Bros. Century Collection videos.

The Caddyshack Special Edition is part of a 28-title "Big Wave" comedy series from Warner Home Video.