"Bioshock 2 Special Edition" comes with vinyl


2K Games has just unveiled the contents of its upcoming Bioshock 2 Special Edition release, and it has something for the audiophiles. Along with a soundtrack CD, 3 posters, and an art book, it comes with the orchestral score of the original Bioshock on a 180g vinyl LP.

Yes, a video game coming out in 2010 is shipping with a vinyl LP. It only comes with the $99 ($89 on PC) limited-run special edition of the game, but it's still vinyl where you would not expect vinyl to be. Considering the old-timey, art deco style of the Bioshock games, a vinyl record is an appropriate bonus for the long-awaited return to the underwater dystopia of Rapture. Both the regular and special editions of Bioshock 2 ship February 9, 2010.

Will Greenwald

[Source: The Cult of Rapture via Kotaku]