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uavKim Wilson  |  Aug 22, 2008  |  1 comments

If you are at all familiar with "audiophile music," then you've heard of Chesky Records, which was founded by David and Norman Chesky all the way back in the last century. Their philosophy was to capture the spaciousness of "live music" in their recordings. If you want to know more about their history, go to <A HREF="
">Chesky Records</A>, which is still alive and well.

uavKim Wilson  |  Aug 15, 2008  |  5 comments

Is classical music your thing, specifically the works of Norwegian composers and musicians? Then you have to check out <A HREF="">2L</A>, a Grammy award-winning Norwegian label that offers recordings in 24-bit/96kHz, mixed in 5.1 surround sound.

uavKim Wilson  |  Aug 08, 2008  |  2 comments

I came across a unique website this week called <A HREF="">Magnatune</A>. They specialize in musical styles such as ambient, downbeat electronica, and world music. While these are hugely popular genres, especially the sub-genre of electronica known as "chill," there are a limited amount of outlets available for finding this type of music.

uavKim Wilson  |  Aug 01, 2008  |  2 comments

I had an opportunity to meet Mark Waldrep, owner of <A HREF="">AIX Records</A>, yesterday in his studio here in Los Angeles. Mark is probably the most out-spoken advocate for high-definition audio in the industry. As he points out, all too often high-definition audio is associated with lossless tracks that are downloaded from services such as MusicGiants, HDTracks, and the B&W Music Club. However, Mark vehemently disagrees with this definition.

uavKim Wilson  |  Jul 25, 2008  |  24 comments

It may be a crazy download world, but buyers still need to be diligent and know what it is they are buying. Last week, I wrote about all the various mainstream services selling music downloads. Competition is fierce, and the latest fallout is the Yahoo! Music Online Store, which will discontinue operations on September 30.

uavKim Wilson  |  Jul 18, 2008  |  4 comments

Since the introduction of my blog last week, I've received a good deal of information from a variety of sources, both personal and professional, that I want to share with you. The swift response is just an indication of the interest in this topic.

uavKim Wilson  |  Jul 11, 2008  |  9 comments

Unless you've been living off the grid in upstate Montana, you should know by now that the times&#151;yet again&#151;are a changin'. It's no secret that the movie and music industries are experiencing some serious problems. Yet, the passion and desire for great music and movies certainly hasn't diminished, it's just the delivery method that's going through some radical changes.