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Scott Wilkinson  |  Sep 16, 2008  |  1 comments

You probably don't recognize the name Mel Harris, who passed away at the age of 65 on September 6, 2008. But you most certainly know the results of his work in the broadcasting and entertainment industry. Let me tell you a bit about the impact he had on TV and movie viewers everywhere...

Scott Wilkinson  |  Sep 11, 2008  |  1 comments

Canadian Rob Brown recently got an Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 1080 projector and wants to know about my recommended settings:

Scott Wilkinson  |  Sep 02, 2008  |  1 comments

Dang! Tom Norton stole my thunder by blogging about the upcoming CEDIA Expo just one day before I was going to. Oh well, I can still add my two cents before I head off to Denver for the annual confab dedicated to custom consumer-electronics installation.

Scott Wilkinson  |  Aug 27, 2008  |  3 comments

Michael Samson writes from the Philippines with some interesting questions about the PlayStation 3:

Scott Wilkinson  |  Aug 19, 2008  |  10 comments

As many of you may know, I'm a regular guest on a nationally syndicated radio talk show hosted by Leo Laporte, aka The Tech Guy. The show is broadcast live from 11AM to 2PM Pacific time on Saturdays and Sundays, and my segment is right after the 11:30 news on Saturday.

Scott Wilkinson  |  Aug 12, 2008  |  6 comments

Robert is just getting started in the whole home-theater game, and he has some basic questions:

Scott Wilkinson  |  Aug 05, 2008  |  6 comments

I got home from my THX adventure on Saturday, after three <I>long</I> days of hard-core tech training in a darkened room while the most perfect weather I can imagine beckoned just beyond the walls. But it was worth it&#151;although I already knew most of the material, I did learn a number of useful things, and I got to observe the course itself to see what aspiring calibrators can expect if they take it.

Scott Wilkinson  |  Jul 30, 2008  |  13 comments

My blog is a bit later than usual this week, but I've been pretty busy. Tom Norton and I are taking the newly developed video-technician training course offered by THX at the company's headquarters in San Rafael, California, just north of San Francisco in Marin County. Tuesday was the first of three full days of instruction and hands-on lab work, after which some of us went out to dinner and caught Hugh Masekela's set at Yoshi's, a famous jazz spot in Oakland. After a wrong turn by Laurie Fincham, THX's brilliant but directionally challenged chief scientist&#151;thanks for the grand tour of San Francisco, Laurie!&#151;I just got back to my room.

Scott Wilkinson  |  Jul 22, 2008  |  17 comments

Colin Robertson, a thoughtful commentator on many <I>UAV</I> blogs, is facing the age-old question as he contemplates upgrading from 2-channel to surround sound:

Scott Wilkinson  |  Jul 15, 2008  |  9 comments

Peter Zolldan asks a perennial question:

Scott Wilkinson  |  Jul 08, 2008  |  7 comments

Mike Slough in Australia has some questions about A/V receivers:

Scott Wilkinson  |  Jul 01, 2008  |  7 comments

Dan Golus of Irvine, California, recently wrote to me with two A/V "beefs" about which he feels very strongly:

Scott Wilkinson  |  Jun 24, 2008  |  5 comments

If there's a choice between convenience and quality, convenience usually wins out. The best example of this is the sad tale of DVD-Audio and SACD vs. MP3, all of which were introduced at roughly the same time. The convenience of quickly downloading MP3s into portable players easily trumped the vastly superior quality of DVD-A and SACD. Granted, the skirmish between the two high-res audio formats didn't help, but I suspect the outcome would have been much the same even if there had been no competition at the high end. So what's an audiophile to do?

Scott Wilkinson  |  Jun 17, 2008  |  9 comments

Last Tuesday, I attended a demonstration of the BD-Live capabilities that will distinguish Disney's Blu-ray release of <I>Sleeping Beauty</I>, the first Disney animated title with these enhancements. Of course, to take advantage of them, you need a BD-Live (aka Profile 2.0) player, of which there are very few so far. In fact, the only ones available as of this writing are the Sony PS3 and Panasonic DMP-BD50, with the Sony BDP-S350 and S550 expected to ship soon.

Scott Wilkinson  |  Jun 09, 2008  |  First Published: Jun 10, 2008  |  10 comments

A couple of weeks ago, I got an e-mail from Bogeun Chung, general manager of the LCD TV product-planning team at LG's headquarters in Seoul, Korea. He wrote that he would be passing through L.A. with one of his engineers on Monday, June 9, and asked if we could meet at Grayscale Studio, the video-testing facility for <I>UAV</I> and <I>Home Theater</I>. I value any personal contact with manufacturer representatives, so I quickly agreed. Little did I know how interesting that meeting would turn out to be...