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Michael Antonoff Posted: Jun 12, 2001 0 comments
Stroll through any large store that sells audio and video equipment, and it's mind-numbing how similar the products in each category look. If you close your eyes, point to any receiver or DVD player, and guess "black and boxy," you'll almost certainly be right.

Conventional wisdom dictates that there are good reasons why A/V design is so homogeneous.

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HT Staff Posted: Jun 12, 2001 0 comments
Convergence has taken another step forward with the newest offering from Princeton Graphics Systems. On June 13, the display and monitor maker introduced its Ai3.2HD, a 32" flatscreen CRT with HDTV compatibility and interactive television features.
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HT Staff Posted: Jun 12, 2001 0 comments
Many home theater fans use in-wall speakers for rear/side channels. Some even use them for the front channels as well. It's a space saving strategy, but one fraught with acoustic problems, the most prominent being the unpredictable nature of the "bay" into which the in-wall speaker is installed. Is it big or small, empty or stuffed with insulation? These factors make a huge difference in the performance of typical open-back in-walls.
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Michael Antonoff Posted: Jun 11, 2001 0 comments

Backward-compatibility can come at the expense of innovation, as we learned from the failure of the Digital Compact Cassette in the early '90s. The DCC format enabled a new generation of hardware both to record digital tape cassettes and to play standard analog cassettes.

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"Point and click" may be the World Wide Web's catch phrase, but it could just as well apply to Canon's ES8200V Hi8 camcorder. Thanks to its six programmed auto-exposure modes, capturing the action isn't much harder than aiming and pushing a button.

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The first time I heard Everyday, I thought it was terrible, a train wreck of Led Zeppelin, fusion, and grunge. The material seemed contrived, formless, and prickly. And then I kept listening, adapted to it, and rather grew to like it.

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Jon Iverson Posted: Jun 10, 2001 0 comments

There may be more than one way to skin the HDTV cat. Last week, <A HREF="">ViaGate Technologies</A> announced what the company is terming "a major breakthrough" with what it says is the successful delivery of High Definition Television (HDTV) over an existing fiber network through its ViaGate 4160 Access Switch utilizing standard copper telephone wires. ViaGate, in conjunction with CompleteTV and <A HREF="">Artel Video Systems</A>, says that it has introduced this potential service to complement a host of broadband entertainment and connectivity services that are being field tested in Tennessee.

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Film director John Waters will lead off the <A HREF="">DVD Entertainment 2001 Conference & Showcase</A>, to be held August 22 & 23, 2001 at the Hilton Universal City & Towers, in Universal City, CA. Conference organizers announced on June 5 that Waters would give a keynote presentation entitled "From the Lens to Plastic: A Typically Unorthodox View of DVD," detailing how the format has brought his work to a new audience.

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Barry Willis Posted: Jun 10, 2001 0 comments

Microsoft must still be smarting from a blow delivered by AT&T Broadband. On June 6, the telecommunications giant announced that it was scaling back its plans to implement Microsoft's interactive television software in its next generation of digital set-top boxes (STBs).

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Wes Phillips Posted: Jun 10, 2001 0 comments

<I>The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!<BR> Leslie Nielsen, Priscilla Presley, George Kennedy, O.J. Simpson, Ricardo Montalban. Directed by Jerry Zucker. Aspect ratio: 1.85:1 (anamorphic). 84 minutes. 1988. Paramount Home Video 32100. PG-13. $29.99.</I>


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