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Jon Iverson Posted: Jan 20, 2002 0 comments

We know that DVD is hot, but few could have predicted that the video format would become the fastest growing in the history of consumer electronics. The latest statistics reveal that, in 2001, consumer spending on DVD purchases and rental combined were $6 billion, 2.4 times more than the previous year. This represents an increase that put DVD purchases ahead of VHS purchases for the first time, despite an installed player base of 25 million DVD households versus a VCR installed player base of 96 million households.

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Barry Willis Posted: Jan 20, 2002 0 comments

Last year, despite the relative lack of properly equipped sports fans, CBS broadcast the Super Bowl in HDTV. <A HREF="">Fox Network</A> is broadcasting this year's professional football championship game from New Orleans, but its video resolution will be scaled back due to cost constraints.

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HT Staff Posted: Jan 19, 2002 0 comments
Plasma screens are still one of the hottest commodities in the video marketplace. Sharp Electronics Corporation has added two new models to its new line of High Definition Plasma Televisions: the 43" PZ-43HV2U and the 50" PZ-50HV2U. The larger model was recently honored by an International CES Innovations 2002 Design and Engineering Showcase Award.
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Thomas J. Norton Posted: Jan 17, 2002 0 comments

When Madrigal Audio Labs decided to get into the video-projector business, it was no surprise that they aimed right for the top. With its Mark Levinson, Proceed, and Revel lines, Madrigal is not exactly known for budget products, and the MP-9 makes an immediate statement that the company is as serious about high-end video as it is about high-end audio. Not so incidentally, the addition of a video line, Madrigal Imaging, now makes Madrigal dealers one-stop shops for state-of-the-art home theater.

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HT Staff Posted: Jan 14, 2002 0 comments
Following the successful launch of its DVD-R/RW computer drives, Pioneer has released its first DVD recorder for the US market, the Elite DVR-7000. Camcorder inputs, progressive video output, and instant one-touch recording are among the recorder's attractive features.
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Tank Menzies Posted: Jan 13, 2002 0 comments

<I>Gene Hackman, Fernando Rey, Roy Scheider, Tony LoBianco, Marcel Bozzuffi. Directed by William Friedkin. Aspect ratio: 1.85:1 (widescreen anamorphic). Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital 2.0. Two discs. 104 minutes. 1971. Fox 2002065. R. $26.98.</I>

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HT Staff Posted: Jan 11, 2002 0 comments
Let's suppose you have a nicely installed home theater system and a TV upstairs in your bedroom. Let's further suppose that sometimes you'd like to watch a movie playing on your home theater system's DVD player in your bedroom. Without taking the player upstairs, or snaking a dedicated cable between the two, you can't do it.
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SV Staff Posted: Jan 10, 2002 0 comments

Former Baywatch beauty and JVC spokesperson Donna D'Errico redoubles her efforts to promote the company's in-car CD receivers.

S&V Technical Editor David Ranada tries out Sony's MicroMV camcorder -- said to be the smallest ever.

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Peter Pachal Posted: Jan 10, 2002 0 comments

As the 2002 International CES drew to a close, manufacturers, investors, journalists, and curious onlookers departed the Las Vegas Convention Center with a sense of wonder and amazement after seeing all the incredible innovations in . . . hehehehehehe BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA . . . aaaaaah. Sorry. I wanted to keep you going there, but I just couldn't keep a straight face.

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Rich Warren Posted: Jan 10, 2002 0 comments

The Full Spectrum of DVD The buzz sang the blues at CES, specifically blue lasers. High-definition DVD players generated plenty of talk at CES without being present. A blue laser with its short wavelength will enable a DVD-size disc to store full-length HD movies. Toshiba showed a mock-up of its blue laser.


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