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SV Staff Posted: Sep 09, 2008 0 comments
"Anything you can do, I can do better" has its place, but this might be a bit of too little too late to make a difference. AT&T U-verse just announced the launch of Total Home DVR will playback on up to 8 tvs in a single home. This is...
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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Feb 22, 2008 0 comments
What if your DVR could record from other DVRs over the web? That was the provocative premise of TVCatchup, a U.K. startup. It sounded good to be true. And it was.
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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Aug 31, 2007 0 comments
There are several fears surrounding the U.S. transition to digital television broadcasting in 2009 and one of them relates to the set-top boxes that would keep old analog sets running. The federal government will attempt to allay that fear by awarding as many as two $40 coupons per household to help viewers buy the digital-to-analog devices. Judging from what's happening in the U.K., that looks pretty generous.
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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Jan 03, 2008 0 comments
Digital television has passed what is arguably its most significant milestone, with DTV sets in half of American homes, says a survey by the Consumer Electronics Association.
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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Dec 16, 2008 0 comments
HDTV is booming. By how much, we're not sure.
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SV Staff Posted: Jun 25, 2009 0 comments
The U.S. International Trade Commission is banning imports of certain models of Sharp LCD, due to an ongoing 2007 patent dispute with Samsung. Out of four patent infringement claims from Samsung, an ITC judge ruled that one was indeed violated by ,...
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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Mar 09, 2009 0 comments
The last six Virgin Megastores in the United States will close between April and June.
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SV Staff Posted: Feb 19, 2009 0 comments
The music industry has always had a hard time controlling illegal downloads. Even when they desperately try to keep files under wraps, things happen.U2 went to extraordinary lengths to keep their latest album, "No Line on the Horizon",...
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Michael Berk Posted: Apr 12, 2011 0 comments

U2 will be webcasting the third and final show of the Sao Paulo stop of their U2360° tour; things get started at 9:30 EST. If you're in South America you can tune in gratis (check here for details and a list of URLs) to check out the action from Morumbi Stadium.

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Scott Wilkinson Posted: Jul 21, 2011 7 comments
If you tried to visit or and ended up here on, it's not a glitch in your system or a mysterious malfunction of the Internet—it's by design. We have integrated UAV and HTD into our flagship site in order to create the Web's most comprehensive resource for those seeking practical, real-world information about what to buy, how to shop, how things work, and how to get the most from all the products that make home theater so entertaining.
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SV Staff Posted: May 17, 2010 0 comments
Roku has just announced a partnership with UFC to start showing pay-per-view events live over its streaming Internet content box. The service will also offer a premium UFC Channel, offering older fights, training videos, and other content...
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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Jan 22, 2015 0 comments
No, you can’t get Ultra HD via antenna yet, but the technology has just gotten its first successful test broadcast in Baltimore. The test used Technicolor’s ATSC 3.0 test platform to send UHDTV through an experimental transmission system from Sinclair Broadcast Group, owner of more than a hundred U.S. TV stations. The platform is based on open standards including SHVC video compression, MPEG-H audio, and MPEG-MMT signal transport. It is designed for phones and tablets as well as traditional antenna-TV reception.
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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Aug 07, 2015 0 comments
Ultra HD content on a thumb drive? Sure, why not? Mance Media is the first company to sell it—and that makes it the first to sell UHD in a hard-copy format. The Website lists more than a dozen movies priced at $24.99 as well as TV shows. For details, visit UHD will also be available on forthcoming variations of Blu-ray and is already available via streaming and satellite.
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Bob Ankosko Posted: Jul 03, 2015 1 comments
Shown at the recent CE Week event in New York City, the Westinghouse WD65NC4190 65-inch Ultra HD TV just hit with a $1,400 price tag. Highlights include smart TV functionality with built-in Wi-Fi, HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2 copy protection, and a smartphone control app. A 42-inch model that will sell for $500 was also on display and the company plans to offer the set in 85-, 55- and 50-inch screen sizes.
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SV Staff Posted: Jan 14, 2010 0 comments
We know first hand that there are a lot of great in-ear headphone options out there, but the new custom jobs from Ultimate Ears are next level. Like with their other made-to-order monitors, each pair is created from an impression of your ear canal...


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