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HT Staff Posted: Apr 21, 2001 0 comments
"Looking huge" is an understatement when applied to Marantz's new PV6480W HDTV-ready rear projection television set. Not only is its 64" (diagonal) screen among the biggest on the market, so are its 9" CRTs.
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HT Staff Posted: Jul 18, 2013 0 comments
Marantz today announced that it is adding two models to its M-CR Series of wireless network receivers. The M-CR510 and M-CR610 support internet radio, music streaming services, and content from home networks, mobile devices and other sources. Both models are available now at $599 and $699, respectively.

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HT Staff Posted: Nov 20, 2001 0 comments
Long recognized as a high-value brand, Marantz has recently introduced four new SR-series home theater receivers with higher output power and more options than preceding models. All are ruggedly built, with strong internal bracing and metal alloy faceplates.
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SV Staff Posted: Aug 10, 2015 0 comments
Marantz’s new M-CR611 “CD receiver” may look old-school but beneath its CD/AM/FM façade is a wireless music streamer that supports high-res playback.
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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Nov 13, 2009 0 comments
With the slogan of "Get some green by going Blu," Marantz is offering a $100 rebate for its high-performance Blu-ray players.
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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Jul 22, 2010 0 comments
Marantz announced a whole bunch of new products at a press event yesterday. From our point of view, the two biggest pieces of news are major refreshments of the brand's a/v receiver and Blu-ray player lines. This story will deal with generalities in the categories that interest us most. For more specific model and price information, see the links at bottom.
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SV Staff Posted: Jul 06, 2016 2 comments
As a follow-up to the recently introduced NR1607 slim-design AV receiver, Marantz is adding a new full-size 7.2-channel AVR to its 2016 lineup.
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HT Staff Posted: Sep 23, 2001 0 comments
A good audio/video receiver is the solution for many home theater fans. Marantz has introduced a multichannel unit that seems to offer everything that most folks could want: plenty of power, a variety of surround formats, high-resolution digital-to-analog audio converters, and component video switching. The price? About $850.
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HT Staff Posted: Aug 19, 2013 0 comments

Marantz has expanded its audiophile-focused line of stereo components with the PM6005 integrated amplifier ($699) and the CD6005 CD player ($499).

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SV Staff Posted: Dec 22, 2015 0 comments
Marantz has announced that free DTS:X firmware updates for the SR7010 and SR6010 AV receivers and AV8802(A) and AV7702mkII surround processors will be available early next year.
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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Feb 04, 2011 0 comments
Marantz, celebrated by us for its surround receivers, will sponsor a concert tour by violinist David Garrett, a young crossover artist who has been known to perform Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit." The tour will hit concert halls and theaters in 21 U.S. cities this month.

Corporate sponsorship of concert tours is not exactly new. Rock dinosaurs have been doing it for years. This arrangement is a good fit for both Marantz, as a company intimately involved in musical reproduction, and Garrett, with his rock star chic.

SV Staff Posted: Aug 01, 2016 0 comments
As a follow-up to the recently introduced SR5011 AV receiver, Marantz announced that the 9.2-channel SR6011 will be available in September.
SV Staff Posted: Dec 06, 2016 0 comments
Marantz today unveiled the Premium 10 Series featuring “technology designed to deliver the best possible sound from high-resolution audio formats and CD alike.”
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SV Staff Posted: Sep 24, 2008 0 comments
Who doesn't love high-end home entertainment gear? Great quality, fabulous components, all the latest features, right? Somehow, Marantz missed the boat. For sale in November, the Marantz BD7003 is the answer to the BD8002 that Marantz currently...
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SV Staff Posted: Jun 29, 2009 0 comments
Last month, Marantz announced its upcoming KI Pearl line of high-end audio equipment. The SA-KI Pearl SACD Player and PM-KI Pearl Integrated Amplifier were created to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the company's European brand director, audio...