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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Jul 01, 2008 0 comments
Here's the number of CableCARDs in circulation: about 6.6 million. Hooray! Now here's the number of CableCARDs operating in digital cable ready TVs: 372,000. Huh? Wha?!
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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Oct 11, 2010 0 comments
As 3DTV stands on the precipice of consumer choice, how are consumers reacting when seeing the technology for the first time?
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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Mar 10, 2009 0 comments
The percentage of antenna-dependent U.S. households to be affected by the next phase of the transition to digital television broadcasting, scheduled for June, will be a whopping 84.5 percent, according to figures released at last week's open meeting of the Federal Communications Commission.
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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Jul 07, 2008 0 comments
Two-thirds of consumer electronic products returned to retailers are in working order. Another 27 percent are returned due to buyer's remorse. Only five percent are actually defective. This giant disconnect between expectation and reality emerged in a report by the research firm Accenture, in a study entitled Big Trouble with "No Trouble Found" Returns.
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Michael Berk Posted: Aug 15, 2011 0 comments

You've no doubt heard by now that Google's forked over somewhere in the neighborhood of $12.5 billion to acquire Motorola Mobility,  the mobile device business Motorola spun off at the beginning of this year.

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HT Staff Posted: May 13, 2004 0 comments
Motorola, Inc. has upped the stakes in race to build the next generation set-top box (STB).
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SV Staff Posted: Sep 16, 2008 0 comments
Is it just me, or do most people get a headache trying to transfigure our HD video to work from one device to the next? Wouldn't a transcoder that would take either HD or SD MPEG-4 AVC or MPEG-2 media, convert and wirelessly transmit it to another...
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Mark Fleischmann Posted: May 03, 2007 0 comments
Looking for a smoother way to switch between cable and broadcast channels? Next week Motorola will demo a dual-function cable box that also receives off-the-air channels. The product will surface at the annual convention of NCTA, the National Cable & Telecommunications Association.
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SV Staff Posted: May 04, 2009 0 comments
There are three types of celebrity autographs: Sports autographs, convention autographs, and fake autographs. Sports autographs are signed balls, mitts, trading cards, and other memorabilia that bear the signature of a professional athlete....
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Posted: Nov 12, 2000 0 comments

Convergence is more than a buzzword in the minds of the engineers at <A HREF=""> Hauppauge Digital, Inc</A>. The New York electronics manufacturer has announced what it is calling "the first personal video recorder for PCs." In development for eighteen months, the WinTV-PVR is built to occupy a single PCI slot, and allows the recording and playback of television programs via computer. The device is compatible with Microsoft Windows 98 and Windows ME, and comes bundled with a remote control and an FM receiver for the PC.

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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Mar 11, 2008 0 comments
Like a Perdue Oven Stuffer Roaster with an unpopped plastic thermometer, downloads are still a half-baked method of movie delivery, according to a recent survey.
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Mark Fleischmann Posted: May 11, 2010 0 comments
Movie Gallery is going to close, subtracting another 1906 video and game rental stores from the American landscape.
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Darryl Wilkinson Posted: Mar 13, 2007 0 comments
Movie Gallery wants to get inside your house and put a movie-renting remote control in your hand. The self-described "second largest North American video rental company", purchased - not rented - MovieBeam, Inc., the on-demand movie rental service, last week. Movie Gallery says it already operates over 4,600 stores in the U.S. and Canada under the Movie Gallery, Hollywood Video, and Game Crazy brands. Now it will have little electronic MovieBeam stores generating revenue around the country.
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Barry Willis Posted: Nov 30, 1997 0 comments

Have you found yourself playing back movie soundtracks lower than the "calibrated" level? Do you instinctively try to cover your ears during previews at the theater? If so, you're not alone.


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