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SV Staff Posted: Aug 14, 2009 0 comments
The David Warner Collection (the David Warner that makes high-end home audio products, not the David Warner who plays evil villains in cartoons) has announced its newest piece, the Ferrari-branded Ferrari Art.Engine. The Ferrari Art.Engine is a...
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Darryl Wilkinson Posted: Dec 26, 2004 Published: Dec 27, 2004 0 comments
As if having a flat-panel plasma or LCD TV hanging on your wall weren't enough to cause the neighbors and friends to drool with covetous envy, New York-based ready-to-assemble furniture maker Bush Industries is primed to introduce several new console and entertainment wall units designed specifically to complement - rather than emphasize - the newest, highest tech TVs. Bush says the new designs are the result of the fact that "the days of the silver video base that places the TV prominently in the center of attention are numbered." Bush's primary design criteria are now media and component storage.
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SV Staff Posted: Jul 14, 2009 0 comments
 HD radio is still playing catch-up to terrestrial and satellite, and they’re hoping the first portable rig will be a step in that direction. You can go to Best Buy tonight and buy it for $50 with no added subscription fee. The Insignia...
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SV Staff Posted: Jun 16, 2009 0 comments
It’s not easy to find affordable equipment as an entry-level, home-theater buyer. That is until Aperion Audio announced its new surround sound speaker: The new Intimus 4BP Bipole Surround Sound Speaker. For $199 you get a pair of 1” audiophile...
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SV Staff Posted: Jun 12, 2009 0 comments
We already showed you Monster's enormous table-top remote, but they're not out of new products yet. The Turbine Pros come at a $80 premium compared to their non-Pro counterparts and are plated in a very shiny gold material that will either...
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Jon Iverson Posted: May 27, 2001 0 comments

Last week <A HREF="">LaserPacific Media</A> (LP) announced what it terms a "significant" technology milestone that it says will accelerate the efficiency and cost effectiveness of high-definition post-production services. The company reports that its new High Definition SuperComputer Assembly system creates <A HREF="">24P High Definition</A> programs as pure digital data and not digital video as do other current systems.

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Posted: May 07, 2000 0 comments

Bigger is better, according to <A HREF="">Hitachi</A>. The Japanese manufacturing giant has announced a 65"-diagonal rear-projection HDTV, its display illuminated by a <A HREF="">Texas Instruments</A> digital light processing (DLP) unit with 8" optics. DLP technology creates a high-definition image using almost one million micromirrors on a chip to switch red, green, and blue light to form an image. When incorporated into a television with an HDTV receiver, display of both HDTV and high-resolution computer graphics is possible without any of the normal compromises found in traditional display technology.

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Barry Willis Posted: Sep 29, 2003 0 comments

<A HREF="">SIM2 USA, Inc.</A> has announced the addition of a second generation remote "DigiOptic" Image Processor (DOIP) to the new HT300 LINK DLP front projector to provide greater installation flexibility and a wider choice of inputs. The advanced technical solution is said to provide quality connections to video sources up to 1600 feet away.

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SV Staff Posted: May 01, 2014 0 comments
Ever long for better sound quality from your smartphone? Harman Kardon hears you. The HTC One M8 – Harman Kardon Edition is the first smartphone to incorporate HK’s Clari-Fi technology, which is said to improve the audio quality of compressed, digital music sources.
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SV Staff Posted: Jan 13, 2009 0 comments
Lost in the shuffle of CES was rather interesting news from iTunes.  The iTunes stores is going offer all of their music in iTunes Plus -- DRM-free (without copy-protection) and at a higher-quality bit rate. The 256 kbps AAC files were...
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SV Staff Posted: Jul 29, 2009 0 comments
JVC just announced four new headphones, two over-ear and two in-ear models. The HA-M750 (pictured) is the company's newest full-sized, over-ear headphones. It sports 40mm drivers, folds up for travel and storage, and comes with 1.2- and 2-meter...
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SV Staff Posted: Jul 21, 2009 0 comments
If you’re one of the million iPod and iPhone users who are looking for a high-end quality set of earbuds, the new Klipsch S4i In-Ear Headset might do the trick. At $99.99, this headset gives you the same set-up that Apple offers with their $79 ...
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Posted: Aug 22, 1999 0 comments

Digital technology is changing everything&mdash;especially the marketing of entertainment. DVD-Audio has the music industry excited about interactive features like artists' bios, still pictures, and other as-yet unimagined marketing opportunities. Free MP3 audio files are being used by some music companies as promotional tools for new releases.

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Scott Wilkinson Posted: Jul 30, 2008 0 comments

If you thought 1080p is as good as it gets, think again. Long known for its reference-quality audio products, Meridian has announced a new video projector with <I>five times</I> the resolution of 1080p. Dubbed the 810 Reference Video Projector, this 140-pound behemoth uses three D-ILA panels, each with a resolution of 4096x2400 for a total of nearly 10 megapixels.

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Jon Iverson Posted: Jul 01, 2001 0 comments

Just imagine if you could have this for your home theater system: <A HREF="">IBM</A> announced last week the T220, which the company is calling the world's highest-resolution flat panel monitor. Unfortunately for us, IBM says that the new display will enable "photograph-quality" imaging for science, banking, engineering, publishing, medicine, and business-critical visualization tasks, and is not likely to appear in consumer living rooms anytime soon.


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