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DVD: Scarface Two-Disc Anniversary Edition—Universal
Video: 3
Audio: 2
Extras: 2
Don't be fooled by the silver packaging. Scarface is still five years shy of its quarter-century anniversary, but it remains one of the most unsettling crime dramas ever—the rise and fall of iconic tough guy Tony Montana, played with mucho gusto by Al Pacino.
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We won't even begin to suggest that $10,500 is just pocket change that everyone has lying around. However, when you realize that Dwin's TransVision 3 projection system features both a projector and a video processor, the word value might come to mind. The company says that the separate-component design offers greater installation options and reduces double video-signal processing. The 720p DLP projector uses Texas Instruments' Mustang/HD2 DMD technology and Prism Free Optical light-path architecture for maximum picture contrast. The Carl-Zeiss zoom lens allows for a throw distance from 1.41 to 2.1 times the screen. Meanwhile, the digital video processor accepts 10 video inputs: two DVI with HDCP, two RGB, two S-video, two component, and two composite. It also delivers 720p DVI signals to match the projector's native resolution.
Dwin Electronics
(818) 239-1500
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The originator of the ReplayTV is at it again.
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Dwin continues to push the envelope with its TransVision TV3, the company's third-generation Digital Light Processing (DLP) projector.
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Photos by Tony Cordoza Take a good look at the Yamaha MusicCAST system: it just might be a glimpse into the future of home audio entertainment. The MCX-1000 server (above), essentially a CD recorder on steroids crossed with a digital music server, provides two main improvements over traditional playback devices.
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The nation's biggest video rental chain and biggest movie club are reportedly discussing a merger. Blockbuster could join forces with Columbia House as a hedge against falling video rental revenue, according to mid-September reports in <I>The Wall Street Journal</I>, <I>The Hollywood Reporter</I>, and elsewhere.

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Photos by Tony Cordoza You know a recording medium is going in or out of fashion when you can't find any blanks on the store shelves. Such a revelation hit me in the aisle for blank DVDs and CDs at a Best Buy here in New York City. There were shelf labels for all five recordable DVD formats - DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, and DVD-RAM - but precious few of the discs.
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Photos by Tony Cordoza

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Marantz When you've got the Marantz DV8400 DVD player, you can stop worrying about format incompatibility. This THX Select player attains "universal" status by playing DVD-Audio discs and Super Audio CDs and is said to provide full bass management for both formats.
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Little noted in the hubbub about AOL Time Warner dropping the "AOL" from its corporate moniker is the news that Time Warner Cable has delivered over 150,000 TiVo-like devices to its customers&mdash;without the extra expense.


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