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Every September, thousands of the world's best custom installers converge at the CEDIA Expo - the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association's big annual show - to check out the latest and greatest products. This year's event, held in Denver, offered an amazing array of things worth swooning over.

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Brothers Peter and Bobby Farrelly are the legendary duo behind some of the most raucous, outrageous, original - and successful - comedies ever, including Dumb & Dumber, There's Something About Mary, and most recently, The Heartbreak Kid.

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the listMost of us are familiar with the old saying that children should be seen and not heard. How might we apply similar thinking to loudspeakers? Just the word loudspeaker suggests something that needs to be heard clearly.

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Atlantic Technology model 6200e home theatre 6200e LR Atlantic Technology 6200e LR Why mess with success? That was my first thought when I heard that a Model 6200e system was heading my way.
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Where does the time go? It has already been 3 years since Heart's last studio album, the fine Jupiters Darling. Fans waiting for the next one can tide themselves over with several projects, both band and solo. First, there's the just-released...
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Is a 1080p video processor worth the investment?

Remember the days when interlaced was a term used primarily by basket-weavers, and scaling was something the dentist did to your teeth when you didn't floss? Ah, those were good times. . . simpler times, when you didn't need a degree in electrical engineering to pick out a new television set. As we enter the era of large-screen 1080p displays, video processing—or the ability to convert all signal types, from 480i SDTV and DVD to 720p/1080i HDTV to 1080p high-def DVD, to a TV's native resolution—plays a more important role than ever before in overall performance. Even an average TV can make high-quality HD sources look good; the real test is how good a lesser-quality 480i signal looks when blown up on that big 1080p screen.

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Pioneer's past few generations its sets have arguably produced some of the best images in the flat panel business. And now Pioneer has unequivocally set a new standard with its new Project KURO plasma sets.
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Who's got the world's smallest Full HD LCD set? That would be Sharp, which unveiled a 22-inch 1080p model recently at a trade show in Japan. Also shown were similarly equipped 26- and 32-inch models.
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Sound & Vision's review of the 2007 Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) Expo, from Denver, Colorado

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"Hey, stop hanging around! You're blocking the doorway!"

That's what shop owners were shouting at teenagers who were loitering outside stores and in malls. The kids were supposedly deterring adult customers - that is, the ones with more spending power.


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