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Fred Manteghian Posted: Oct 07, 2007 6 comments

Well, DirecTv's new high definition channels are here and, er, what the heck were they thinking? On TNTHD, a station that existed as channel 75 before the hoopla and is now also shown on 245, "Save the Last Dance" is being shown in 4x3 stretch mode. Sci-Fi's high def incarnation is showing Merlin, a movie that was only shot in 4x3 (but at least they're not stretching it). USA is showing "Law & Order: CI" on their high def station properly, but in a weird-aspect challenged pillow box (black bars on all four sides) on their regular definition channel. A&E's has some high def shows that they're cropping and then stretching to 16x9 judging by the look of it. Only TBS's high def baseball game looks good enough that it gives me nothing to complain about – except that fact that the Yankees are losing.

Daniel Kumin Posted: Oct 06, 2007 0 comments

the listAudioControl is that rara avis, an American company that actually manufactures A/V electronics - carrying comparatively rational price tags - in the U.S. of A.

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John Sciacca Posted: Oct 05, 2007 0 comments

The 21st century is giving us numerous ways to listen to and control our music. Not only can we now distribute tunes around our homes with the touch of a button, but the wonder of metadata feedback actually lets us know what's playing as well.

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John Sciacca Posted: Oct 05, 2007 0 comments

the listThousands of users have chosen ReQuest servers to store their music collections through the years, typically feeding their outputs to audio-distribution and control products made by others.

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Thomas J. Norton Posted: Oct 05, 2007 0 comments

While I have decidedly mixed feelings about big-box consumer electronics retailers getting into the TV calibration game (see the following story on Best Buy, and an earlier story that also touches on Circuit City's calibration promotion) the commercial pull of these giants is already having at least one unanticipated benefit.

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Tom Norton Posted: Oct 05, 2007 1 comments

Back in late July I blogged about a demo kiosk at my local Best Buy. You can scroll down and read about it. It was set up in a DirecTV promotion kiosk, but it wasn't clear whether or not it was also intended to promoting Best Buy's new video calibration services.

Shane Buettner Posted: Oct 05, 2007 67 comments

The advent of Blu-ray and HD DVD isn't the first time I've covered a format launch- DVD was still pretty fresh and new when I started in this biz in the late 90s. Things have changed a lot since then, especially in the way that the PR machines are operating and interacting with the online community. And what better evidence of that is there than the fact that esoteric technical details like "yield rates" and "cycle times" are a frequent water cooler topic among the uninitiated?

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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Oct 05, 2007 0 comments
Buying a CD doesn't give you the right to copy it, a record-company attorney testified in a trial that pit the recording industry against a Native American woman in Minnesota. The single mother of two was successfully sued for using peer-to-peer file sharing to violate numerous copyrights. What may ultimately come to matter more than the verdict were some of the details that emerged along the way.
John Sciacca Posted: Oct 04, 2007 0 comments

While it might take a village to raise a child, it takes an army and lots of time to build an estate! Custom Theater and Audio (CTA) in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, where I work as lead system designer, was recently involved in all aspects of the A/V design and installation for Phil and Janet Pate's new home in North Myrtle Beach.

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Posted: Oct 04, 2007 0 comments

Universal is boldly going where no studio has gone with its HD DVD web interactivity. In addition to allowing users to access and download content and share favorite scenes with other HD DVD users on their "Best Buddies" lists, the U-Shop feature will expose users to movie-related online purchases.


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