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Watch the Sky Vanguard
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Watch the Sky is pleasurable to listen to and somewhat therapeutic, to

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40th Anniversary Platinum Edition Walt Disney
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Come Tuesday, the list of to-be-released HD DVDs will be considerably shorter. Perhaps HD DVD player owners should consider shopping for a stylish vase to put on that empty shelf reserved for HD copies of  Paramount's There Will be Blood,...
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Samsung's latest plasma - the 50-inch PAVV Cannes 450 - will sport several "first ever" features aimed at gamers, including 3D-capability and an unfathomable 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. But before buyers put this beast on their wish lists,...
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At times over the last few years, the flat-panel revolution has appeared to erode the prestige--or at least the market share--of the best-known brands in television. However, last year saw a reversal of the trend, with the traditional brands back on top.
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HDTV Buying Guide Shopping for a new TV or projector? Check and compare features, specs, and prices for more than 600 models, HD and otherwise, in our interactive buying guide.

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If you're like most Americans, you spend 17 hours a week in your vehicle. That's a lot of time behind the wheel, which is why 38 percent of the driving population is planning to buy and install a CE device in their ride this year. It's not what...
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It seems our readership extends far beyond the USA. Here's a question from Helcio in Brazil:

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Extras: 3/5
I was a bit reluctant going into this one. The Rock has impressed me with his choices acting wise, but the trailers for this did nothing for me. The first act of the film didn't do me any favors. There are a lot of gag bits that weren’t that funny and honestly I felt like I'd seen this too many times before. The second act brought it back though and I started to feel like I wasn't wasting my time. The film started developing some honest emotion points and laid off on the prank jokes. By the time the film was over I thought it was pretty good. I don't really know who this film was aimed at though. Younger kids may get a kick out of some of the laughs, but it didn't really play to the kid audience. On the other hand it didn't play to the adults either. While this is wholesome family entertainment, there are a lot of other films almost just like it.
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Video: 4.5/5
Audio: 3.5/5
Extras: 2.5/5
Sleuth didn't create much buzz at the box office. In fact, I think most people never even noticed it was there. The film is based on a famous play and pretty much recreates it for the screen. The film takes place all in one setting, is VERY character driven but in turn creates a riveting environment and cat and mouse game. Bad thing is, it's a bit predictable at times. Sure there are some good twists, but I can see a few people being disappointed with the dialogue driven nature and subtle mind play. I thought it was great seeing Caine and Law together on screen though. Both are great character actors and played to each other brilliantly.


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