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What Is Your Main Video Display?

I often wonder what components our readers have in their primary home-theater systems, so in the coming weeks, I'll be asking about yours. To start with, I'd like to know what your main video display is. The vote choices below let you specify the type of display, and I really hope you'll leave a comment with the make, model, and screen size, plus a note if it's 3D-capable. If you use a front projector, please share with us the make, material, and size of the screen as well. I look forward to learning what display you watch!

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What Is Your Main Video Display?
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Scott Wilkinson's picture
As a reviewer, I have different displays in and out of my home theater all the time. At the moment, though, I'm watching my reference Pioneer Elite PRO-101FD 50" Kuro plasma at a seating distance of eight feet. The ideal screen size for that distance is 60 inches, but the 60" Kuro would not fit my rack. I plan to try the JVC DLA-RS40 on a 60" Screen Research ClearPix2 for a couple of weeks after the photographers are done with the sample that Tom Norton reviewed for Home Theater.
Scott Wilkinson's picture
Da-Lite calls it High Power, and it has a gain of 2.4, which is relatively high. The advantage is that it can be used in an environment with some ambient light and/or a low-light projector.
ca1ore's picture

Hi-Power is actaully the model name for the DaLite screen. I forget exactly, but I think it is a 2.8 gain, retroreflective screen material that, in my experience, does not suffer from hot-spotting. For a relatively low light PJ like the Sony, it works quite well.

ca1ore's picture

I use a Sony VPL-VW200 beaming onto a 2.35 hi-power dalite screen with automasking for both 2.35 and 1.78. Scaler is a Lumagen Radiance XE with a Panamorph 480 anamorpic lens (with motorized sled). No plans to go 3D anytime soon - cost would be prohibitive, and frankly, I am undrwhelmed by what I have seen.

There is something natural about the LCOS technology that, IMO, gives an overall superior picture.

Scott Wilkinson's picture
Very nice system! I agree that LCoS looks very good in general. What's the gain of the Da-Lite screen? By "high power," do you mean high gain?
Jarod's picture

Im a total plasma guy when it comes to flat-panels. In my living room I have a Panasonic TH-50PZ800U 50in plasma that I purchased a few years ago. In my dedicated home theater, I have a Pioneer Elite Kuro PRO-111-FD 50in plasma that was calibrated by Shawn Byrne who is ISF and THX certified. At the time my stand only allowed for a 50in but now my new stand in my new home will accommodate a 60. I plan to upgrade to a 60in 3D plasma in my home theater probably by the end of the year and will relocate my Kuro to the living room and sell my Panasonic. In a few years I want to install a 90+in Stewart Filmscreen and projector, probably a mid to top of the line JVC or Sony LCoS. Cant wait until that day!

uav1ace007's picture

Around the Holidays last year I decided to upgrade my main HT display. The space only allowed me to go up to about 50 inches. I waffled for about 2 or 3 weeks between LED and Plasma. My previous set was a Panasonic 42" plasma monitor from 2005. It had a beautiful picture, and the sets I saw in stores didn't look as impressive. I was reluctant to upgrade, but I wanted 1080P and Bigger is better. So....I finally decided on the Panasonic 50" G20 because of its excellent blacks and it has a THX setting. I LOVE IT! I set it to THX mode right out of the box and it looks awesome to me! The colors are natural and unsaturated. I was going to have it calibrated with the money I saved (I only paid around $1100) but I really feel it doesn't need it. I just wish I had room for a 58" instead. Overall, I found that LED and LCDs in that price range just didn't have the black levels that I was looking for. PLASMA is not dead yet! Not by a long shot!

Scott Wilkinson's picture
I'm glad you didn't succumb to the "plasmas don't look good in the store" syndrome. LCDs are generally brighter, so they look better in a brightly lit showroom, but most people don't live in a showroom, so judging by how they look in that environment a poor way to select a TV for your home. I agree that THX mode is fairly close to correct, so you're smart to save the money on calibration. And I agree that plasma is not dead by a long shot!
uavtheo's picture


Since you're on the Plasma bandwagon, do you feel that going with a Plasma is the best way to go even if they might have a highly reflective glass? Specifically, I'm considering a lower-end (under 1k) 50" Plasma or LCD. For us it will go in an area where there is a bay window. Is the high glare of the Plasma worth living with?

Dr. Joseph Lee's picture

In my home theatre in my basement, with windows removed, 26 x 16', the projector is Dream Vision Dream Bee 2, with anamorphic lens. The screen is Da-Lite 12' x 6.5' (1.2 gain). The video processor is McIntosh VP 1000. Blu Ray player is Sony PS3 all connected by Monster HDMi cables. The audio processor is still my Meridian 861 Surround Sound Controller. There are 3 Krell 250M Monoblock amplifers, 2 Krell KAV-500 amplifers, 2 Goldline Digital Parametric Equalizers, 9 Wilson Audio WATT/Puppies 5.1 speakers (actually the centre one is 7.1), two Velodyne HSG-18 subwoofers and one citation subwoofer, Smart Device Center Surround, and Cinepro Power 30 conditioner, all connected with Transparent Audio cables. The walls of the home theatre are all covered with sound panels from Owen Corning, which in turn covered by a dark transparent cloth. The ceiling was painted pure black. The carpets are all black. All the lights from the equipments are covered, so that when the double doors are closed and lights off, one cannot see one's hand waving in front of you. My current dilemma is that my Meridian 861 cannot be upgraded to lossless audio, and I am still very fond of my current lossy set up. I am considering, maybe upgrading to Denon AVP-A1HDCI or Anthem Statement. But I hate to part with my Meridian. My heart was almost broken when my last projector Ampro 4000 was sold for a measely $1500. I am keeping my old Faroudja HP401, since it will be sold for almost nothing.

Of course, I also have my system connected to my old Pioneer laser disc player, my Karaoke players and my VHS player too.

I have no plans to upgrade to 3D. If there should be 3D in my household, it will be upstairs with my future plasma, and until all the dusts have settled.

One last note is that I hope all the studios will put the subtitles within the picture frame, especially in 2.40:1 picture, when one is using anamorphic lens.

uav1ace007's picture

For what it's worth, glare is about the same. I have both in my home and reflective glare is an insignificant difference.

uavtheo's picture

I do have an older LCD that really puts a matte finish on any glare. The look on the Plasmas and what I've consistently read is that in a bright room with windows, etc. the glare is considerable. It's like the difference between the old generation Macintosh laptops and the newer ones with the glossy screen. I'm torn because I really don't like the motion blur on the LCDs and definitely cannot stand the soap opera effect on newer models with the frame interpolation. I've always preferred the look of plasma screens but just couldn't afford them. I've come across two models. however, that are under$900 and I'm thinking of finally making the jump.

uavK.Reid's picture

All 196lbs of my ISF calibrated Sony KD-34XBR960. In my small apartment its great. Small screen...yes;; Portable...not w/o a crane. HOWEVER, deep em...Kuro what? Accurate Color Gamut...tell TJN to bring his Photo Research PR-650 colorimeter; Off-Axis performance...not an issue; color banding/streaks...nope; Resolution...1080i not 1080P, but can you tell on a 34in; Spectacular overall picture quality...emphatic yes!

aked's picture

Fujitsu Plasmavision P42XHA58, love it.

Jarod's picture

Thank you,.

Jarod's picture

Good decision 1ace007!

uav1ace007's picture

Jarod, sounds like you made some good choices also. Nice!

jkandy's picture

I choose lcd, led, backlit because, I am hoping that one day we can buy one! I have been doing some "net" research and seems they are the best bang for the buck, lighter in weight, and performance of picture quality. My personal opinion is that, the lag time of the picture is considerably better than that of a plasma.

loop7's picture

After three years with an LCD, I purchased an upper level Panasonic plasma in February. I now have excellent shadow and highlight detail, inky blacks, natural skin tones and the panel is even Energy Star rated. The Spears & Munsil calibration BRD was very helpful during the fine tuning process.

I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to LCD.

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