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Do You Own a 3D Display?

I've heard and read several reports indicating that the adoption rate of 3DTV in the home is faster than it was for HDTV and Blu-ray in their first year and a half. Now that we have some idea of how many readers enjoy 3D in commercial theaters and in a home setting from the last two poll questions (here and here, respectively), I'd like to know if you actually have a 3D display in your home, even if you don't use its 3D capabilities. If not, do you plan to buy one sometime this year? Even if you hate 3D, you might be considering a 3D display for its generally superior 2D performance.

I'm delighted that so many of you have posted comments with the last two poll questions—thanks to all who did!—though I wonder why only about half as many voted and commented in the poll about 3D at home as in the one about 3D in commercial theaters. If you have any thoughts on this, I'd love to read them. In any event, I really hope you leave a comment elaborating on your vote in this week's question. For instance, which 3D display do you have or plan to get?

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Do You Own a 3D Display?
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ca1ore's picture

I recently replaced my main family TV, and frankly, it is no longer possible it seems to buy a top-of-the-line panel without 3D. So, I'd be quite skeptical of numbers showing 3D surpassing anything in it's first x number of years as it is difficut to know whether people are buying for 3D, or 3D is just coming along for the ride. Sales of 3D movies are a far better measure IMO.

So far, I am completely underwhelmed by 3D. Other than animated films, the availability of good 3D content is awful - paricualrly films that were shot in 3D (rather than upconverted) - and I find it to be a flickering, fatiguing gimmick. The idea of packaging the best movies as exclusives with a TV purchase is an incredibly stupid idea BTW, if you are trying to promote broader adoption.

uavK.Reid's picture


I do not plan to purchase a 3D set in the near future for a few of reasons:

1) No flat panel can give the immersive experience 3D provides when seen in an IMAX theater - in my opinion.

2) I do not like the active shutter glasses, especially for those who wear corrective lenses. I am hoping passive glasses will become the norm if 3D is here to stay.

3) Light output is generally an issue unless one can afford the $xx,xxx models from Wolf, Runco, JVC X9(Procision Series only)

4) Possible long term consequences to the eyes during repeated, prolonged viewing.

Though I cannot confirm it, I have sneaking suspicion that most people who have 3D sets are not using 3D capabilities. Per your podcast with Ron Williams, I think 4K would be a better seller for the masses due to its ultrasharp resolution and image depth which gives the perception of 3D...then again that means new TV sets to buy not to mention broadcasters balking and lack of content.

Most of my family and friends cannot stand wearing those glasses. I went to see Thor in 3D and I kept fiddling with the glasses to the point where I was ready to throw them across the theater!

frankland7's picture

I am planning on purchasing a 3DTV later this year or early next year. I am considering holding out for a set that has both passive and active technology built in. I greatly prefer the use of passive glasses, especially since I will be marrying into a large family that LOVES to have regular movie nights, and I want everyone to be able to watch 3D together! The inexpensive glasses are a plus, but the viewing angle could be an issue. If I can have the best of both worlds, that would be great!
Regardless of where the trends go, I will own a 3DTV because I have been a fan of 3D since childhood (I am now 52). My fiance loves it as well.

notabadname's picture

Waiting for large screen (70" class) RealD, Full-HD passive screen will probably take me beyond a year. But I will buy it for 3D use. I am already collecting some of the multi-format blu-rays, like "Tangled" and "Hubble 3D IMAX" so I can enjoy them now in 2D, but enjoy again in 3D some day. Those discs are a great value as they also include a DVD and a digital copy.

gillybird's picture

Despite the dirth of original material actually shot in 3D on the Blu-ray market there is sufficient programing available that we pull out the glasses now and again and almost always find it enjoyable and entertaining. As a DirecTV subscriber [and huge fan] we've got access to 4 3D channels -3 of which are free [n3D,3net and an On Demand] and usually airing short program material. The others are: ESPN3D -usually off air waiting for a sporting event and CNE3D -a pay-for movie channel.

It is true that wearing the glasses somehow is tiring, a phenomenon I find interesting and attributable to the active shutter actually being slow enough that, while the eye can't see it the brain is aware of it... That said, we've got the top rated Panasonic plasma and suffer no problems with flickering and find the 3Dness immersive, realistic and, well, just plain fun!

Oh, one other thing, my set came [bundled] with Avatar 3D, it looks better here than it did in most of the 5-6 different theaters I saw it in. I find it a bit brighter and sharper than when on the 'big screen' and it plays flawlessly -beginning to end with out a single flicker or anomaly. Cameron sent out a "how to tune your set" email to those of us who bought the Mac-Daddy of TVs and after 20 minutes of setting obscure values here and there behind the curtain, the image is clean and crisp and the colors vibrant.

Just got Sanctum 3D in the mail yesterday, can't wait to watch it!

Aloha from Maui

Gill Brooks

mikewinburn's picture

My next major purchase will be a new LCD. it will be with Local Dimming and 3D.

Honestly, though, 3D as i've seen it presented is just tomfoolery... but, it's an enjoyable treat everyone once in a while...and that's why I'll upgrade my Blu-ray player to 3D capable; and I'll buy (only) used 3D Blu-rays. The extra cost isn't really worth it the price of admission just to have 3D.

Even in the theatre, I've only seen one movie where I appreciated the 3D view... Disney's "Up". (Though Avatar had a couple 3D worthy scenes). The rest was not worth the price of admission. When 3D movies are the price of regular tickets, I'd see more of them. But here in NYC, regular tickets are $13 and 3D is $20...egad! All that and the movie content isn't any better!

LG INFINIA 55LX9500 hands down...
if necessary, I'll go for
Samsung UN55D8000YF (I prefer 65" but it doesn't have local/micro dimming and for some reason it's silver again... will never buy a silver tv; and its got only 8,000,000:1 contrast ratio. The 55D8000 has 25,000,000:1 contrast ratio and local/micro dimming. A better bang for the buck indeed...with ultra-thin bezel!

uavtmsorosk's picture

Another flash in the pan . The sooner it's gone the better , for vidiophiles . The manufactures are trying to sell you something whether you need it or not , it's what they do .

Tom DeLayo's picture

My tv died last week so I had to buy a new one. I bought the viera st30. The cheapest of the new Panasonic 3d sets. I ordered one pair of knockoff 3d glasses for $65 to see how they worked before ordering 5 pairs. I got a free 3d blu ray player with the set but haven't hooked up the Blu ray yet. Partially because I want to get more glasses first, partially because there aren't many 3d movies to chose from now, but mostly for another reason. I had just ordered new Golden Ear speakers for my remote zone so I could listen to music in another room while the kids watched tv where my stereo is. I had been wanting new speakers for years but never wanted to spend the bucks. After reading about the GoldenEars here I went to my favorite stereo shop who happen to carry them. I decided to take the plunge. I ordered the speakers and a new credit card with no interest for a year to pay for them.
I felt kind of sick about spending money I didn't have... until I got the speakers home. Best thing I ever bought. It's like everything I listen to is live in my house. I have listened to every kind of music, classical, country, rock, Doc Severson, Kenny G... all are amazing. Dire Straits, Money for Nothing on Sacd is awesome, or was that Sting singing in my livingroom, not sure. Wish that format would catch on.
I plan to get the Oppo player for 3d and sacd use eventually and sell the free Panasonic that came with the tv. The tv, by the way, is great too. I will probably watch 3d movies as ones that I want to see come out but can't see myself with the glasses for all tv viewing. If the Mayans are wrong I think we will see no glasses 3d some time after 2012 anyway.

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