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Do You Enjoy 3D in Commercial Theaters?

I've asked several poll questions about 3D, which have stirred strong feelings, both pro and con. But I haven't yet asked if you actually enjoy it. So now I'm asking—do you enjoy 3D in commercial theaters? (Next week, I'll ask the same question about 3D in the home.)

As always, I really hope you'll leave a comment about your choice, especially if you enjoy 3D only with certain genres. In your opinion, which genres work well in 3D, and which do not? But I strongly encourage you to leave a comment no matter which choice you make—inquiring minds want to know what you think!

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Do You Enjoy 3D in Commercial Theaters?
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JediLarryB's picture

3D Commercials before 3D movies makes sense, and makes promos a bit more bearable. I somewhat enjoyed the Coke commercial that played before 'Thor' recently. I particularly liked the 3D movie trailers. But this wouldn't make sense ahead of 2D fare, especially dramas and comedies.

AlanMRedman's picture

I enjoy 3D in movies alot,I don't care if the movie is flashy with things flying at me or if it's subtle it just seems to draw me in more. The only thing that bothers me are the glasses, they're really uncomfortable, and if you already wear glasses it's that much worse.

jaggervm's picture

IMO, at Mumbai, India, only the 3D at IMAX screens is actually worth watching. The rest of the theaters have terribly dull projectors with even worse sound. Infact I have thrice experienced the right or left channel not working at all in some theaters, not to mention the fact that Subs are almost always off.

So, yes. It is enjoyable only in a good theater, which sadly means only IMAX for us. *sigh*

Jarod's picture

I really enjoy 3D at the cinema. I don't want every movie in 3D but big blockbusters with lots of CGI and also animations are what I like in 3D. Dialoge drivin movies in 3D don't make sense to me. Ive had good and bad 3D experiences at both the same and different theaters but most everytime I leave happy with the 3D; except for Clash of the Titans. As the fellow above said of his local theaters, brightness can make or break your experience. My best 3D experience is always at my local IMAX with their awesome dual-projector setup. It blows me away! 3D there is almost a religous experience for me as well as the audio because im one of those guys who likes it very loud. My closest theater has a RealD 3D XL set-up that is good but dim in comparison therefore not near as engaging. It also has cross-talk with images with a dark background behind it.I always prefer 3D movies at IMAX. Im actually going to see Pirates of The Carribean 4 3D at IMAX tomorrow. My wife and I along with my sister bought tickets for the first showing of the day. Can't wait!

Scott Wilkinson's picture
Fortunately for you, most 3D movies are also shown in 2D, so if you like going out to the movies (as I do) but you hate 3D, you don't have to endure what you find to be a lesser experience. As for it being a fad that will play itself out, I sincerely doubt that's going to happen this time. 3D has too much support from the studios. DreamWorks Animation says it's going to make ALL of its movies in 3D from now on. But again, they will also be available in 2D in certain theaters.
Vexxarr's picture

Titans was converted to 3D from a 2D original. It was a dark, blurry mess. Titans was the reason I adopted my "no more first run 3D" policy. I'm just done with it. I simply prefer vivid color and a crisp image to 3D.

Again, I will probably see Transformers in 3d because, well, TRANSFORMERS.

Vexxarr's picture

I am told you can get your own 3D glasses with high quality carbonate or glass polarized lenses and the experience is MUCH improved. They are supposed to be lighter, more comfortable and produce reduced image distortion. I seem to recall that they were pricey - like fifty dollars pricey. But for a one-time investment that improves all of your 3D experience, it sounds worth it. Not sure where I saw this - I suspect Gizmag or...HERE!

Vexxarr's picture

3D may not seem murky but being the sort of person that sees a movie - opening night - in 3D and then gos back again with friends who missed it. I see the same film in 3D and 2D often enough to know that for me clarity, color and brightness are more important than the 3D effect. And clarity, color and brightness are noticeably reduced in 3D.

Now if the film is a 3D event like Avatar, I'll go see the 3D for it's own sake. If the movie is fun then bonus. That said, Avatar wasn't much of a movie to me even though the 3D felt natural and convincing so your mileage may very.

The next 3D movie I MIGHT see will be Transformers Dark Side of the Bay. Supposedly the 3D effects in Transformers are supposed to represent the state of the art for action cinema. If I enjoy the movie at all, I'll be pleasantly surprised. But giant robot comin' atcha action is probably worth the pinchy glasses and the murky image.

rmcvey's picture

I've seen a few movies in 3D, and I can't stand them. Before the movie is halfway over, I have a killer migraine, the glasses reduce the light, and have major trouble fitting over your own prescription glasses, so they're very uncomfortable. Also having to pay an extra fee for a worse viewing experience just burns me up. I really wish this fad would play itself out, because as it is now, I've went from a weekly movie goer, to almost never going to a theater. Most movies I want to really watch all come out in 3D, so now I just wait for the video release, at least at home I can have a comfortable and enjoyable 2D viewing experience.

movie lover's picture

i seen my first movie in 3d it was freddy's dead,the final nightmare n i love it lot,i went back see it 4 times when it was in movies.but for the home i am really not for sure 3d in home.

uavmatthewweflen's picture

Oddly enough, the only 3D movie I've ever seen is Hitchcock's "Dial M For Murder." It was originally shot in stereoscopic 3D, and was being shown at Chicago's premiere "old-timey" theater, the Music Box.

It was cool and all, but it didn't really add anything. I think he only used it for the first half hour or so. All I really wanted to see was Grace Kelly in 3D...

Scott Wilkinson's picture
You're totally right, Titans was an atrocious conversion from 2D to 3D. But in my opinion, Thor was much better.
Scott Wilkinson's picture
You're right, you can get your own 3D glasses for RealD presentations, which are the majority of 3D commercial theaters. (Other types of commercial 3D include Imax, Dolby, and Xpand, but I haven't heard that you can get your own glasses for these.) For those who wear prescription glasses (including me), you can get flip-up clip-ons (which I use) or even prescription glasses with the 3D filters, eliminating the problem of having to wear two pairs of glasses. You can spend lots for prescription lenses and/or designer frames, or not so much for more simple models.
Scott Wilkinson's picture
...but other than the increased cost, I'd be glad that I have an Imax theater available. It's the best commercial 3D experience, so enjoy!
Scott Wilkinson's picture
I, too, really enjoy 3D in the least, when it's done well. And Imax is the best commercial 3D experience. However, I don't like the audio too loud. Even though you enjoy that, be careful or you'll damage your hearing later in life. Let us know how you liked Pirates 4!
dnoonie's picture

I marked didn't like which is really a little stronger than I really feel.

I find 3D a cool gimmick and it may some day be a valid story telling tool when used properly. I haven't watched a lot of 3D movies because I don't want to pay the extra money. I recently watched the most recent Pirates movie in 3D and didn't find the 3D all that compelling. I found the 3D lacked sharpness on the beautiful scenic wide establishing shots, bad news since those should be ultra sharp and beautiful on the big screen. Certain parts of the movie worked quit nice in 3D. The 3D effect tended to fall apart (it looked like watching without the glasses) at the edges of the screen, perhaps due to a projection malfunction.

If I saw a lot of movies in 3D I'd want my own glasses with side blinders.

I don't think the entire movie should be 3D, I think it should be used when the story lends it self to that type of effect. I don't think all movies should be 3D since some genres just don't lend themselves well to 3D.

Jarod's picture

We all really enjoyed Pirates 4! Johnny did a great job as well as the rest of the cast. The 3D was wonderfull as most of the 3D shots were from the screen plain in without tons of stuff jotting out at you. Jungle scenes were beautifull with a certain fly-over shot of the jungle that took my breath away! It was interesting to hear from the IMAX announcer prior to the film that our World-Class IMAX, in Wichita, Kansas, was number one in the country for attendance. Beating out New York and L.A. even. It was just recently built from the ground up and opened this December with Tron:Legacy which I attended. Not sure how big other IMAX screens are or if they are all hte same but ours is advertised as being over 90 feet wide and 6 stories tall. The curtain is enormous! How big is your local IMAX screen Scott?

ca1ore's picture

I find theatrical 3D to over-promise and under-deliver. I recently went to see Thor in the theater and went out of my way to see the 2D version. I get the novelty factor, and perhaps the technology will improve, but I have this feeling that 3D will end up being akin to the emperor's new clothes....

.... and 3D in the home is even less compelling.

uavK.Reid's picture

I only enjoy IMAX 3D with specific genres - particularly action and sci-fi. I think the IMAX with its larger screen and brighter picture makes 3D worth the cost of admission. It is much more immersive. I like the sense of depth but can do without the effects that jump towards viewers.

The strange thing that I have noticed recently is that 3D at standard, non-IMAX theaters has been very dim lately. I cannot explain the reason why. I saw Thor and Pirates of the Carribean and the picture was dark, much darker than usual. Someone told me that the projectionist is supposed to swap lenses, filters or something - but I do not know if true.

Any thoughts...I am looking forward to seeing the Star Wars films re-released in 3D. Lord of the Rings Trilogy would be great in IMAX 3D - if Peter Jackson would decide to do it.

Scott - a great poll would be what films would we like to see re-released in 3D.

Scott Wilkinson's picture
Your poll idea is a good one; I'll definitely do it! As for why the 3D you've seen lately is dimmer than before, I don't know. I saw Thor twice...once in Xpand (active-shutter) and again in Imax, and the Imax was MUCH brighter. The active-shutter glasses really darkened the picture substantially. I've also seen REalD and Dolby 3D lately, and they didn't seem dimmer than usual to me.
cosdiotalo's picture

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