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Do You Enjoy 3D in a Home Setting?

Last week, I asked if you enjoy 3D in commercial theaters. Thanks to all who voted and especially to those who left a comment—that really makes my day!

Now, I'd like to know how you feel about 3D in the home. Perhaps you own a 3D TV or projector, or you've seen one at a friend's place. And even if you own a 3D display, you might or might not enjoy that particular feature—after all, 3D TVs often provide the best 2D performance, so you might have gotten one for that reason, even if you hate 3D. So I ask you: Do you enjoy 3D in a home setting?

As always, I really hope you'll leave a comment about your choice, especially if you enjoy 3D only with certain types of shows. In your opinion, what programming works well in 3D, and what does not? In any event, I strongly encourage you to leave a comment no matter which choice you make—your fellow readers and I want to know what you think!

Vote to see the results and leave a comment about your choice.

Do You Enjoy 3D in a Home Setting?
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Tempora's picture

Although I have what is considered a decent 3D tv (Pana's 50inch VT25), I find the effect entirely unconvincing. There are depth planes, much like a pop up book, but nothing has any sense of solididty or substance.

The glasses are not comfortable, they do cause flicker to objects and lights away from the screen. A 50 inch screen really fails to be large enough to convey any immersion so the odd cascade of 2D figures flitting one infront the other is just distracting. The 3D effect is further undermined imo by the inability to move your head to change any perspective so there is zero additional visual informmation or detail to process...

All in all I cynically have to conclude this is a dreadfully cheap ploy by electronics firms to force some upgrade pressure....the only good news is that the VT25 is a beautiful 2D set as well, but 3D is a massive dissapointment and dead end for me.

movie lover's picture

at this time i'm not looking forward to 3d in my home.i did see 3d movie at friend's house and it was great.

Scott Wilkinson's picture
If you enjoyed the 3D movie at a friend's house, why aren't you looking forward to 3D in your home?
notabadname's picture

Give me passive 3D in full HD (such as the likely future with RealD) and count me in. That is when I will purchase a 3D TV. I like convenience. I don't want to be replacing batteries, or grabbing glasses off of chargers for the experience. And I want to be able to entertain and have glasses for everyone, affordably. Then I am in for Sports, feature films and appropriate shows such as nature or science. But I don't need all programing to go 3D. I don't want to have to put on glasses every time I power up the TV.

John B's picture

To be honest I've never seen 3D so maybe if I had I might feel differently but at this time I have no interest in it. The primary reason is having to wear the glasses, it just doesn't mesh with how I watch TV or movies (which usually involves multi-tasking on the computer).

I should admit that in the past, when I lived in a house and had a more dedicated space along with the ability to really crank the volume the additional immersive capabilities of 3D might have been a big draw and I probably would have been an early adopter. But my current living arrangements (apartment) simply doesn't lend itself to being able to do that and thus I don't find myself as focused when watching a movie.

movie lover's picture

right now my money tight. there is not to many great blu ray movie's that is worth buying for 3d,the only 1 that i know of is worth buying in 3d is avatar.

David Vaughn's picture

I agree Scott, although I'm too cheap to subscribe to the next level of cable programming to get ESPN-3D. My bill is already $120 per month with Internet and I don't want to pay another $20 a month at this point.

HDMan72's picture

So far I'm really enjoying 3net on Directv. Great shows with the best 3D I've seen broadcasted. Looking forward to more 3D Blu-ray movies. My two reference titles are Avatar and TRON:Legacy

My 3D display is a Panasonic 50VT25 which is ISF calibrated.

David Vaughn's picture

I was initially not looking forward to 3D in the home, but it's actually better than what I've seen in the theater with my JVC projector. The picture has more punch than in the theater and given the right material, it looks great. That being said, I'm not a fan of "fake 3D" conversions such as "Clash of the Titans," but I'm hoping more native content is produced along the lines of "Avatar."

Scott Wilkinson's picture
I love documentaries, especially underwater and outer space, and travel shows in 3D. Also, I think sports can be greatly enhanced in 3D if it's done right. However, I can't imagine how the news would benefit from 3D.
Jarod's picture

I voted yes with some genres. I do not own a 3DTV but my friend does and I would like to upgrade to one on the future. The set he has is a Panasonic 50VT20 plasma. I enjoy animations and nature shows in 3D, as well as blockbuster type movies in 3D. Sports are very cool in 3D too. One of my favorites so far is the IMAX: Under Sea Adventure. The 3D effect is absolutely astonishing! I'm a fan.

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