SIM2 Solar 47

I've seen demos of Dolby's HDR (High Dynamic Range) LED local-dimming technology for LCD TVs for over a year, but it's finally about to be released in a real product from SIM2. The Solar 47 is a 47-inch, 1080p LCD TV with 2206 white LEDs arrayed behind the imaging panel, and unlike other local-dimming sets, each LED is individually addressable. It should be available by the end of the year for—get this—$25,000. Sure, it looks great, but 25 grand for a 47-inch LCD? Yikes!
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Matt Edwards's picture

This TV is really a revolutionary step in color reproduction. Using individual LED control to enhance Black to bright levels allow for 60x more Shadeing option per color at and astounding 65,536 shades per color compared to 1024 in the best of current Flat Panel Displays. Sim2 & Dolby display have truly out done their selves here. Sure At release this TV is an astounding $25,000, but this will open up a whole new world of color as technology progresses.

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